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Tren & Dbol For a Cutting Cycle?

I’m looking for some input on this: Would a cycle, say, 7 weeks long consisting of the first 4 weeks of 30mg/day of Dbol with arimidex to suppress estrogen combined with the full 7 weeks of Tren (acetate or enanthate) make for a good cutting cycle?

Or would it be more beneficial to save the arimidex for PCT and use the Dbol and Tren for a bulking cycle?

Using dbol for a cutting cycle is like buying a Corvette to drive your grandma to church on Sunday. Not the right choice.

Tren only work would better. Winny, Primo, Masteron even Anavar are better choices

I should probably add that for the Trenbolone, I was considering about 300mg/week.

My inclination to include Dbol on a cutting cycle came after doing some homework on its effects when combined with anti-estrogens. Also, Brock Strasser and Cy Wilson’s observations on an article convinced me:


guys there is no cutting cycle…there is only the three weeks before a show where you dont want the steroids your on to hold water…up till 4 weeks out you should be on everything to hold muscle while your dieting …anadrol is great…