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Tren D*ck Problem 5 Weeks Into Cycle

I started a cycle 5 weeks ago(I have been off for two years)
Cyp 600/week
Tren 50 ED
Anavar 60 mg daily
When I started my sex drive is through the roof
Now I have no sex drive what so ever.
I have a date this sunday with this girl from work that I really like and we are supposed to have sex.
What to do?
Last shot of tren yesterday and I stoped it
Any help appreciated
I am 46 years old and took tren before with no issues .looking for a fast solution for sunday.

viagra for your date

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make sure to use no protection/ throw in strippaz and blow?

Is 2020 going to finally see the return of quality trolling!?? :pray:


Anavar can kill libido as well.

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I am thinking of replacing anavar with winstrol.

That’s a great way to have @unreal24278 write a 3 page book on why you shouldn’t run Winstrol & Tren together.


Did you negotiate this as part of the date proposal? If so, I am curious as how you went about it.

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He passed her a folded note “Want to make sex? Yes/no”


Shit. If that’s all there is to it I have wasted so much time. Maybe if I were interested in men.

If I am OP, I am taking viagra and cialis, and not even thinking about winny or tren.

he makes hard sex to all the ladies they say oh ya its so hard you sex me and their bobs and vagene are like discharging the wet and hes like yes i like the sex with all the ladies


Literally the best thing on T Nation right now :joy:

Dont do ittttttttt

Gotta load up the whole weeks worth and run it straight down the piss pipe.

Or up and in from underneath.

Makes it just like endogenous.


Jesus Christ… that’s terrible lol

I want to make the sex aswell. Sex to me please.