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Tren D*ck After Summer 2018 Cycle

Good people of the internet , need your help and guidance please.

In summer of 2017 (first ever cycle) aged 23 I did test E and Tren A at 2ml a week (1 mill every 4 days) for 8 weeks. Did pct felt great after no symptoms. Summer 2018 did the same cycle however did this for 12 weeks , pct done . But boom no sex drive and forced erections (no morning wood , no random boners) just limp biscuit dick.

So my research brought me to the lovely internet. Found out Deca dick and Tren dick is a thing however usually only occur on a nandrolone (Deca and Tren ) only cycle.

So I went to get my bloods done once Privately where I tested Estradiol (E2) , testosterone and prolactin and got the following results:

(Free) Testosterone: 16.39nmol/L Range:(8.4 - 28.7)
Estradiol: 113.65pmol/L Range (0 - 146.1)
Prolactin: 310.87ulU/ml Range (45 - 375)

I also got my blood done by the NHS two days later and got following results:

Serum LH level (XMOIv): 5.8iu/L Range (1.7 - 8.6)
Serum FSH (XMOIx): 5.3IU/L (1.5 - 12.4)
Plasma testosterone level: 17.8nmol/L Range (8.6 - 29.0)
Serum prolactin level: 670miu/L Range: (>400)

Serum free T4 level: 17.3pmol/L Range : (11.0 - 26.0)
Serum TSH level: 2.80 mU/L Range : (0.27 -4.2)

Serum Albumin 46g/L Range:(35.0 - 50.0)

Can anybody spot anything ? I’ve read lots about adrenal insufficiency, thyroid problems, prolactin problems, central nervous system issues, dopamine and Serotonin levels. But truth is trying so hard to absorb all the information but actually not getting anywhere. I know the key to this is time, time will heal. But is there anything I can do to help it in the mean time? Anything I’m not doing or looks funny ?

Thanks for reading the post! Looking forward to maybe finding answers! Also tagged some of the most knowledgable I know on this area! Sorry for spam @boomtownboy @physioLojik @Singhbuilder @ztanzanite @decca @decasucks @mario90 @RearDeltsBrah @Ned

2ml a week means nothing. What was the mg per ml?

What did your PCT look like?

Sorry bud should of put that, Tren A each 1mL is 100mg and Test E each 1mL is 300mg.

Worth noting in last 4 weeks in my last cycle (week 8 -12) was doing 1ml of each a week.

PCT was Tamoxifen and Clomid first time

40mg of Tamoxifen, 100mg clomid, first 2 weeks then dropped it down.

After second cycle pct was same however was little later after cycle then would of hoped due to an unplanned surgery right at end of cycle.

All bloods above are 5/6 months after last roid cycle.

I have loads of hcg now etc and did originally look at doing power PCT but from what I’ve seen it won’t help as I have recovered in terms of test just not libido etc.

As you can see Ive been daft, was told by my best mate to do these cycles cause he had and no issues. So lessons learned.

Seen some people start test only cycle for 8 weeks then strong pct to fix, others say proviron, some say caber, other Cialis, some say stuff for cortisol. So confusing. Thank you for the reply bud.

E2 and prolactin are a little high. Other than that your numbers look fine. Maybe get some P5P and see if you can’t lower prolactin a bit.

Thanks @iron_yuppie, my friend can get me caber, he recommended doing 0.5mg every 5 days, 3 times so 15 days, then he said retest prolactin. Don’t want to make it any worse so apprehensive to use it.

Seen somewhere on a study that ideal on prolactin for man who’s 20-30 is around 8.5 -9.5ug/L.

Converting both my prolactin results puts me at

Private test: 14.57ug/L
NHS: 31.49

The NHS dr has put a note on my bloods next to prolactin “prolactin can be elevated as a result of anti psychotic Rx or stress. Suggest repeat, attempting to minimise anxiety in patient when sample is drawn.”

So I’m not on any psychotic drugs, and as for stress I don’t know if she means stress in general or she’s talking about my stress going up when taking bloods? To be honest been pretty stressed with this tren D*ck stuff, but for bloods itself I wasn’t stressed doesn’t really bother me.

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IMO try tackling your prolactin. I never ever felt like I did before steroids, but hitting my prolactin levels down with 100mg of SAM-E daily keeps my libido more or less what it was beforehand. (200mg makes it a little pushy like a teenager, but also makes me anxious.)

Good luck!

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Thanks bud, have you ever tried caber? My friends suggested it to me as way to bring prolactin down.

Like @iron_yuppie correctly mentioned I’d use P5P. There are several studies that show P5P (active form of b6) to be just as effective as cabergoline for lowering prolactin levels with way less side effects. I bought powdered P5P from bulk supplements for cheap and take 200mg total (100mg morning, 100mg noon). It can have a semi-stimulant like effect the first few days but after that you get used to it.

Careful. I’m a huge p5p advocate but I wouldn’t compare it to caber. I would def reccomend it to start with but in severe situations or cases where lactation is happening I would start with caber immediately rather than p5p.

P5P is best used to start as a preventive measure IMO rather then trying to lower really high levels. Caber will literally bottom out prolactin levels where p5p will not.

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Thanks both for reply,

Not sure I can get P4P but will ask. Is there a prolactin level I should aim for ? Like ideal level or is that just stupid question ?

Does anyone know anything about all the information to do with adrenal glands , dopamine receptors etc effecting it? I’ve seen people say stuff for cortisol, then others saying proviron, others talk about I tyronise, serotonin levels and Urdine or something

P5P you can order it off Amazon or anywhere on the internet it’s just a supplement.

Its a good places to start for your levels altho if you think your levels are effecting your erection I see no issue with trying caber.

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Thanks bud , I’ll do caber , I can get bloods done every Friday if I wanted. So after 3 doses get it checked out and see where I am , most people in my gym keep saying it’s probs prolactin issue, but that dr Connor on YouTube and a loads on here give massive range of what causes it.

Gets confusing

Let’s hope it’s prolactin. That’s an easy fix compared to some of the other things especially psychological issues.


Thanks pal! Fingers crossed, I reckon it’s all fixable , won’t worry till after tried caber.

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I hear ya. When my prolactin levels came back at 25 (17 top of the range) I was looking into cabergoline but when I spoke to a friend that actually has a tumor on his pituitary and uses it he said the side effects he felt when taking it were unbelievably harsh. There are quite a few studies showing the effectiveness of P5P compared to cabergoline and bromide. Based on those studies I used P5P and successfully lowered mine to the lower normal levels. May not work for everyone though. It took about 2 months for me (at least that’s when I did the labs).

Having caber on hand just in case definitely makes sense.

That’s good to hear bud, what was the cause of your high prolactin may I ask? Hopefully not tren or Deca mistake like me haha!

Good news tho fixing it!

Absolutely p5p can def help especially if your not currently using a drug that raises prolactin like tren.

Curious as to what side effects he experienced with caber? I know in high doses it can have some but iv never heard much about harsh side effects with doses at 0.25 x2 week.

Not totally sure to be honest.

I can’t remember all the symptoms he said but from what I remember it made him feel like he had sea-sickness, accelerated heart rate and just an overall weird feeling. He stopped taking it for a while and felt better but when his levels came back high again he had to get back on it. I just text him asking what dose he was on. Will update