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tren cycle

hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could tell what would be a good roid stack that included tren? i’m trying the stuff for the first time and am wondering what i should stack it with. i’m right at about 230 lbs and would like to get close to 250. any input would be appreciated.

i say keep it simple. just run test along with the tren. maybe somewhere in the range of 500-750mgs wk. tren 75mgs/ed. 8 weeks and your 20-30lbs heavier with proper training and nutrition.

thanx drago. i agree with you, i just want to keep it simple. my training regimine should do the rest. should i ad dbol to this cycle just for an extra boost though? that might add a shit load of bloat.

I’m taking tren at 75mg/day, 1000mg week test(sust) and 100mg/day winstrol oral and i really like it so far. No water retention yet, just nice and hard. Depends on what you want to do, if you dont mind bloating up a little bit and want to put some good size on, run tren/test/dbol. 20 lbs gain is a fair bit, so if thats your goal i’d be looking in that direction. Dbol around 20-25mgs daily is a good starting point. I weigh about what you do ~240 and i like to run dbol at closer to 40mgs daily. At the end of the day, add dbol if you want some more size and dont mind getting a little puffy. Dont forget an anti-e.


Iagree with what Justino said. If you really want that extra boost d-bol will do the trick specially if you take it at the end the day, along with test and tren.

i love dbol at 50mgs/ed for the first 6 weeks of my tren/test cycles. you could get away with anything from 30-40mgs/ed IMO.

Dbol is a “class 2” so therefore it is complementary in this stack, as winstrol would be as well

this might be a shot in the dark, but how would m-1-t be in place of the dbol? i imagine it wouldn’t come close to the dbol.

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I think d-bol is far superior to m-1. Its the breakfast of champions, remember?

I would be afraid of taking M-1 by itself, let alone stacked and for longer than two weeks.

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