tren cycle how long ????

I have plenty of tren “plenty”. The only question i have, since it is my first time trying tren is, what is the recommended length of time someone would take tren? Im stacking it with sostenon and frontloading anadrol the first 3wks ending with masterone and winnny, primo, and cytomel. Oh cant forget my arimx&clomid. hcg at the end 2-3wks. Or should i take my tren w/ my cutting phase and eliminate my masterone???


wow that sounds like alot of gear…

well obviously it depends on your goals and various other things such as how long you are going to run the other stuff. tren is very supressive so most people like to limit it to 8 weeks or less. being on such a supressive drug for long periods of time will make it harder to recover.

run the sustanon and tren 8 weeks. drop the anadrol as it does not work well with these chemicals. its progestagenic effects are compounded when stacked like you suggested. drop the masterone and t3 as well. dont know if you know this or not but t3 isnt a steroid. it is a thyroid hormone used for cutting. it works great but not in this application as it appears this is a bulking cycle. the winny would be fine but dbol would be a better fit. say 50mgs/ed for the first 6 weeks. what dosages are you running of the sust/tren? oh, and dont use hcg at the end of a cycle like that. it is better used to stave off testicular atrophy throughout the cycle. it only inhibits hpta recovery when used at cycles end. also, what are you adex and clomid dosages?

tren-78mg eod
clomid-50mg (any more and nausea)
but what about my cutting phase?primo-200mg
winny tabs-50mg ed
cynomel-3 tabs ed

for 6wks

you listed your clomid and adex dosaging but not the time duration. is it ed? eod? wk? also, make the cutting phase another cycle all together. doesnt work well trying to bulk and cut essentially at the same time.

you listed your clomid and adex dosaging but not the time duration.

E-D. Yes I am going to indrduce my cutting phase towards the end of my mass cycle making it a 12wk cycle but , intoducing the highly anabolics at my 6wk already into my mass cyle (Got to keep what I earned) What do you think Drago1.

primo at 200mg is really only a bridging doseage, you should definitely bump it to at least 400mg a week. after 12 weeks combined of tren, test and winny you are going to be very suppressed. it would be way more adviseable to split the cycles up like 6 weeks on take at least a 6 week break if not a 12 week break then go back on 6 more weeks.

Sounds rational, in case your wondering primo more than likely will not alter the hormonal axis, winny also does not do this. Although you are right about being suppressed. Hcg is going to be a must for me as well.

So you’re basically trying to bulk up and then diet down?? Well one thing that nobody mentioned is that steroids don’t really burn fat. They are anabolic/androgenic…not thermogenic. You can use them during a DIET, not TO diet. So your training protocol and your food intake is going to determine the results of your cutting phase.

For your cycle, Clomid and Arimidex are not needed at the same time. This is total overkill. Although they have very different actions, they are both used for the same purpose during a cycle;to inhibit/block estrogen. Run Arimidex during and Clomid after. Or run clomid during and after. If you use Arimidex and start to get testicular atrophy, start using the clomid.

Drago is right, don’t use Anadrol. Dbol or winny on a test/tren cycle. Preferably Dbol if you want massive gains. Frontload your test and run Tren ED, not EOD. Insulin needles make painless shots. Run test/tren/dbol for 8 weeks. If you want to cut after this then change your diet and include cardio. No T-3. Use Clenbuterol instead or a good thermogenic. Remember that Sustanon is going to be active for a few weeks after your last injection. So you WILL have androgens present in your body when you start your diet. So don’t think you’re going to shrivel away when you stop. I don’t really suggest 12 week cycles. But if you must use anabolics during your diet then use either EQ or primo at 400-600mgs a week.