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Tren Cycle Help


Ok so I’m making my own tren ace and going to run 100 eod. I’m running test e with it. Just wondering what is a good amount I should run the test at? Also I’m thinking about running hcg and a low dose of letro while on and nolva and hcg when I come off. Does that seem like a good on cycle and post? If not let me know. I have a bit of gyno already and don’t want it any worse.


Test/tren ratios are a pretty well-argued subject. Most guys swear by high test/low tren, others the opposite. The high tren/low test crowd (mostly) claims it eradicates most if not all of the side effects from the tren. I tried that approach once and while I can’t say all the side effects went away, they were definitely lessened and I ‘felt’ better. So that really seems to be an individual thing.

Best advice would be to try it one way and see what happens - if you don’t see any tren sides, then stick with that plan in the future. If you get the sides, try the opposite. Either way I would highly recommend caber - at least have it on hand if not starting it from the get-go.


If you are decided about the amount of tren, I would recomend doing the same mg with test, so, keep an equal amount for the first tren cycle, then, if you feel right, up the tren! Tren is magic. Use letro or adex (i do prefer adex) to take care of your gyno and don’t let it get worst. You can do the shots with tren ace, it doesn’t matter if you are using long ester with tren ace, just make sure you’re going to split the right dose. U can do less shots of test too, it’s up to you. Tren ace need to be done at least EOD… ED is the best, but EOD works very well. I miss tren ace! One year without this fucking amazing thing! Good Luck!

Carber, I never used before, but everyone says you gonna need it, so… I used Tren ace for a whole year, non stop, never used carber, but this with me… go get your carber. Use HCG during your cycle, Tren is SUPER supressive, super! Nolva, I’ve never used before, but Shadow Pro says it’s a must, so…