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Tren Cycle Help


I'm in need of some help/advice here. I'm suffering from some crazy fucking depression right now. Crying over things I wouldn't normally cry about and just obsessing over my exes. My weekly cycle is:

200mg Test Cyp
300mg Tren Ace
.5mg Cabergoline

Now, this is the exact cycle I did last year without any problems whatsoever. I felt great the whole time, had minimal sides other than night sweats and shit cardio. Otherwise, everything was good. This time around though, I just got slammed with the craziest depression I've ever dealt with in my life. I'm not one that's prone to this sort of thing. I'm generally a very positive guy. However, this is hitting me hard. The ONLY difference from this cycle to last cycle, is I fucking forgot to take my caber for 2 weeks.

So, now I'm wondering what exactly is causing this issue. I'm assuming my estrogen levels are probably high, I guess due to the progesterone since I missed my caber doses? I thought I had some Letro on hand, but apparently I threw it out. I just ordered some more but after doing more research, I'm wondering if Letro is not the way to go and that I should have gotten Aromasin instead? I've also started taking my caber again at .5mg e3d.

Fortunately, this hit me near the end of my cycle. I started feeling this last week. I have my last injection tomorrow and then I'm fucking done. However, the roller coaster of emotions and severe depression is driving me crazy. I'm self aware enough to realize I'm not my usual self, which is enough to keep me from doing anything stupid. I just want to get back to normal again though.

So, can anyone offer some kind of help advice? Will the Letro help or am I in for a worse ride when I stop taking it? Since I'm done with my cycle, do I just need to tough this shit out and let my body adjust naturally over time?

Also, I'm prescribed TRT by my doctor at 200mg Test cyp every 2 weeks. However, for this cycle I upped it to 200mg per week instead. I will continue to stay on this dose for another couple weeks before dropping back down to my TRT dosage.

I appreciate any help anyone can give. And if at all possible, try to keep the flames minimal. I'm a sensitive nancy right now. This shit sucks.


How long was this cycle?

When exactly did you stop taking the caber?

You're also not taking an AI, as you've stated. This probably is an issue.

Is the tren/caber/test all from the same source as last years cycle?

Cut the tren now, if it's making you that fucking crazy just stop. I'd return back to your trt dose, not really sure if its a good idea to start the letro now or not.

You can get some bloodwork done to see where you're at, but right now you're just shooting fish in a barrel.


Cycle was 6 weeks long. I missed my caber in week 4 & 5. Tomorrow is my last injection and then it's done. The Tren is from a difference source. I also suspect the previous source gave me under dosed Tren as he ended up scamming multiple people. I believe this source has provided a much more legitimate product.

Thanks for the response.


At 200mg a week the need for an AI won't become apparent with your situation until several weeks. Without getting too detailed on the math, your test levels are like this on the day you inject if once a week:

Week 1 200 mg
Week 2 300 mg = 200 new + (200 old- 100mg from last week half life)
Week 3 350 mg = 200 new + (300 old- 150mg)
Week 4 375mg= 200 new + (350 old - 175mg)

See by how by week 5 you are approaching test levels of 400mg in your body, at that point you could definitely benefit from an AI. There is another recent post about the need for an AI. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/test_e_cycledisappointed_


Your test dose is too low imo. Suggestion.... try increasing test and lowering tren dose next time. You're test dose should almost always outweigh your other compounds.


Tren is strange and have different side effects depending on each person. I've been using different labs and never got a side, just some extra rage and intolerance, but nothing I could not handle. My friend have the same sides your related and he and he tried a few times to use tren, but everytime he included tren on the cycle, the sides was there. I have another friend with the same problem and after all, I really think some people can not use tren. I do have some acne and some controlled rage, but it feels good, I feel mentally strong and confident when on tren.

My opinion is that you should consider not use tren, use everything but tren... you can have a great body without it. We create some kind dependence on drugs, thinking that only they can give us the great body, but its far from true. I'm off tren for 2 months, made some cruise on test and after one month start using bold with some mast and no tren... guess what? I'm bigger and stronger plus... more ripped. Tren is a great drug, but not as GH15 told us... HGH can help you with the well-being thing.


I suffered from anxiety/depression regularly, ever since I was young and I've learned a few things. One, prolactin has a huge effect on it especially in people who are susceptible. Two, tren is an absolute no for people susceptible to these two mental illnesses. I tried it, because I need to try everything and it was awful.

After getting my blood levels regulated after my first test only cycle I was prescription free for the first time in close to 3.5 years and am still off. However, tren only for two weeks (granted this was between 550-650mg/wk) brought me right back to that mental place.


drop the tren if you can't mentally handle it, it's not worth it. Some people tolerate it fine, and I thought I might but I was lying to myself I couldn't stand it almost immediately. Seriously just drop it, and acquire some caber (Talk to a doctor, one gave me a script after seeing my bloodwork) and that should significantly diminish your problems.


You've implied you weren't running caber while on tren (atleast at first).

I do agree that people predisposed to depression shouldn't run tren, but not running that caber from the start probably made it much worse.


Also, starting your first tren cycle at 600mg/wk is pretty irresponsible.


This is a load of shit. Dont listen to this guy


It's pretty ironic considering he is "Tr3ngod."


It is my opinion based from my own experience. This new high then low test trend is fine if it works for you. Personally I see better results with higher test


Then say that the first time. Dont state something as fact when its clearly just your opinion.


Is this something that you experienced off cycle? I suffer from pretty severe anxiety which generally speaking over a long period of time translates into depression. I take a low dose of an SSRI (Lexapro) for my anxiety year round but when I'm on cycle my anxiety generally spikes pretty badly.

In response I up my dose to around 10-15mg/day and my anxiety & depression are MUCH more manageable neigh non-existent. Starting something like this may sound extreme but I don't think anyone will disagree that severe depression is nothing to fool around with - just ask Patch Adams (too soon?). Good luck.


I guess I should have written out "in my opinion" instead of imo.. I just assume those you post and read in forums understand this common acronym


My fault. I missed where you did say that. Still disagree though. Speaking from personal experience.


No wworries. There are so many facets to dosage vs. result that it's impossible to say what dosage will be right for any one individual. I tested the low test/high tren at about 1:3 ratio and experienced tren sides only in this combination.
The only ultimate advice I could give would be to run test during any tren cycle, unless you have a desire to run HCG for the duration, which I don't agree with but have heard some choose to follow.
Either way we are just here to share our experience.