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Tren Cycle Critque/Help


I am looking for a good "strength" cycle. Not looking for a lot of weight gain due to sport specific reasons...anyway, here it is...

Weeks 1-6: 100mg/ml tren acetate EOD
Weeks 1-6: 50mg proviron ED
Weeks 3-6: 10mg Halo ED
Weeks 6-9: PCT 3 days after last shot-Nolva and/or Clomid (I won't detail the dosage because it will vary a little)

Couple things...

Tren - Not sure what to do here...I like to err on the side of cautious, so...my understanding of what Cy Willson stated in a recent thread is that there is no proof tren causes gyno nor is there anything conclusive saying it potentially can't, but the current drugs available as anti-progesterones are not realistic and may be overuse. Correct me if I mis-stated anything.

Now similarly in a recent thread it seems someone stated that prolactin and progesterone are directly related to estrogen build-up and if you keep the estrogen at bay, then the theory would be that the progesterone and prolactin would stay at bay. Thought?

Also, I am curious if a shorter cycle like this warrants HCG? And if so, would 500IU's twice a week suffice, stopping 10 days prior to PCT?

Any help would be appreciated. Looking forward to your responses. Thanks.


I've done a tren-only cycle starting at 75mg/d for weeks 1-4 and 150mg weeks 5-8 with PCT 3 days after last shot and experienced no gyno. Only sides were the insomnia and night sweats.


I'm not quite sure why you're including the halotestin. Why not include an anabolic like winstrol,anavar, or low dose dianabol?

Tren, when used in conjuction with other aromatizing steroids like test and dbol, will increase the propensity for progesterone/prolactin induced gyno d/t the presence of estrogen from the test/dbol. An easy way to avoid this is by using an aromatase inhibitor such as letrozole.
HCG is not necessary imo, as I reserve it's use for cycles extending beyond 8 weeks.