Tren! Can't Gain Weight, No Appetite

I am also skeptical of the Rock being 6’5". He is certainly tall, but Barkley is listed at 6’6". I trust NBA stats more than wrestling stats.


They both are standing with fairly good posture here, and Barkley looks to be 3-4 inches taller. Shaq looks a foot taller even slumped over at 7’1".

If the Rock is 260 at 6’2", that makes a lot more sense than at 6’5". 260, just doesn’t look that big on a 6’5" frame (compared to what the Rock looks like).

I have a roughly 6’4" buddy that competes in BBing. He was around 240 for a contest, he looked a lot smaller than the Rock. I think the Rock is roughly 6’2".


One last comment; I had originally just wanted to emphasize other option for bulk. So sorry OP for partial derailment.

If someone can’t get to an adjusted FFMI of 26 after many years of training and knowing how to eat using modest amounts of AAS (300 mg/week), there is something seriously wrong. My genetics suck for any type of BB competition.

2+ grams per week of AAS needed to hit an adjusted FFMI of 26 (units – kg/m2)? Please stop this nonsense.

Good point @mnben87. 6’5" is way tall even for 250 lb and lean.

My current status is nothing special…

Note the calculator has an error on the left side. BF% should be labeled BF mass.

Better one here:

Message given at bottom is consistent with actual use.

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Grams of gear per week to sport this look? Consider me not convinced. I would find another hobby. Don’t buy it. Maybe he’s back on TOT after the last movie. :person_shrugging:


That seems more like it for those with the good response to AAS. But he’s 5’6" or so.

Drop the dosage @hankthetank89. Diminishing returns. I actually care about your health.

BTW, this comment is funny as hell:

Hard being a high IQ individual like “Chris”.

Have you actually seen him? Or you remember him saying stuff?

Lets be real for a second.
He is an old member who has never been seen, no one knows him. There is no real data on anything about him.
He is just aswell a Comic Book lookalike.

I have no idea why would anyone even read anything he says…the only actual info we have on him is that there is absolutely NO real reasons to believe in anything he says.
Yes, sometimes he posts interesting stuff but those are copy-pastes of someone elses work.
He most likely is short, fat, pimpled 20yr old who has too much free time and he actually gets off on a fact that real people believe him.

This is a reason why most serial killers are American. In Eastern European forums, if you are not FB verified with a google’able name, you are discredited. This guys tells he is in better shape than any of us, on less gear than any of us, and has all the answers, yet he is scared to reveal his great person. Where i come from, this is typical of an online troll. No real person who has any worth is acting that way.

Im not here to fight, believe what you like. I just express my opinion on the fact that you should beware internet trolls.



Haha. All of my work is derivative?

and on and on. Wow, I am one smart, pimply, short, fat 20 yr old. And to accuse me of no original work or analysis. I am hurt.

Oh well. Now I am a troll. I should follow my own advice with diminishing returns.

Do not worry, most probably don’t. :rofl:

This may be the tren. When I ran it, I would suddenly get that crappy low blood sugar feeling pretty often.

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If you would actually look closer, you would see how i never responded to you, and never talked to you, but you keep trying to get to me.
This is the last time i ever speak to you, because as i said - you are nothing, so i just dont care. If you cant actually show yourself, you are a coward and nothing but 1 out of a million other trolls, expressing himself identical. People like you exist on fight forums, gun forums, everywhere. The experts who have never been seen and done anything they can show.

Joe Rogan has a video of a story about a legendary fighter and trainer in the early 2000s who everyone knew. Some 15 years later turned out - not his real name, never fought, never even trained. Just managed to rat himself into those groups of people and before the internet no one could google him. Every top fighter knew him, and still remembers him. Turned out a complete fraud. But even he, DID show his face.

If you want to get off on people “liking” the stuff you copy-paste cause you feel like a professor or some shit - its fine. If people believe in a person who hides everything about him - its fine.
I also dont even care about that, as long as you just spam your copy-pastes and act like you are a part of the research team, lol. But when you post good stats about yourself - show it.

Anyway, i have already told you this at least once. You can just piss off me, never reply to anything i write, dont quote me, dont @ me, and just do your thing. You can spam, lie and bullshit to everyone else, quote them, reply to them, just ignore me as i did ignore you for now, and will continue to do it right after this post.

@throwawayfitness - ah, i was typing while walking, so i didnt actually explain what i ment when i said - why most serial killers are American.
I watch some netflix on them, and all the shows called “stalked” and all the stuff about internet creeps. Me and my gf are just blow out of our minds about how is any of that possible. Like - Ted Bundy would get knifed in his first try, lol.
What i ment is that it seems to me, that American people are very naive, and super trusting. A “nobody” could post he is this and that and most people would assume he is saying the truth.
The way most kills, stalking and creeping and internet trolling is set up in most famous cases, would never happen in many other places in the world. No one would fall for it.
Seeing 30+ aged men, reading bullshit some 20year old pimpled creep says, and trusting him, just reminded me of those shows. I just dont believe how anyone would fall for any of that. But if people do, then of course, there is no wonder how guys like this one actually want to log in. He actually gets acknowledged as a real person who knows stuff. Its just beyond my abilities to understand.

Im not shitting on you - its actually kind of nice. Im more like, trying to open your eyes that since you are the nation that gets abused the most because of how good people you are, maybe you should just…like…not trust people who show the most classic signs of internet fake. Thats all.

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Agreed. Definitely Hollywood inflated stats. 6’2"-6’3" max. I mean he’s a BIG dude, no doubt. Just not necessarily freakishly tall.

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This has to be like the third time I remember discussing the Rock’s height in the pharma category. I thought it would be settled by now.


one of the times it was me.

throwawy: the best bodybuilding movie star ever is the rock! period!

mnben: arnold schwarneggar exists

thraway: but he aint 6’5"!

mnben: neither is the rock

thrawy: :astonished:

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Tren E demolished my appetite I literally forced myself to eat in addition to this it gave me awful acid reflux indigestion and heart burn. Essentially the option is to just force feed and get over it or pick a different compound OR add another compound that makes you hungry. Personally anavar actually boosts my appetite so I would have one or two 50mg tabs a day purely for the effect it had on my appetite.

I only suffered from hypo a couple of times during my last tren e cycle and it was always on days when I basically hadn’t been eating enough or had gone too long without eating. IMO the tren is the culprit of your hypo and not your BF percentage. In theory tren should be the greatest bulking compound but I believe due to the sides it can present that other compounds are needed in order to make it worthwhile. Tren, Deca, Test and Dbol would be a great combo for a fat boy bulk if your body can handle it.

LOL. I don’t know why I chimed in. Prob my jealousy of being 3" shorter than the average vs 7" above. I don’t know why we as a society have a fascination with height other than it primitively being demonstrable to physical domination as a species over your fellow man.



Man, this thread went all the way from:

  1. “Why can’t I bulk while taking a cutting stack?”
  2. The rock isn’t 6’5
  3. Hypergamy/women’s unrealistic standards

All thats missing are Incels and Wrist Diameters and we’ll formally have made this thread into a trainwreck.


Thats what happens when we are all bored at work and distracted by ‘bro speak’. I’m drawn to it like a moth to the flame.


When you look at the statistics, I think men are just as much to blame. I think there are plenty of women that think 6’2" is fairly common for example. They get this idea that 6’ is the cutoff, but what they’ve been told is 6’ is somewhere between 5’8" and 5’10".


I was like how dare he try to refocus us.


Apparently you’re not the only one LOL.

@mnben87 you really wanted to go into that, huh?