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Is Cabergoline mandatory fair when using tren or is it on a "as needed basis"?


Cabergoline is the best thing to prevent any progesterone induced sides, but B-6 in high dosages (500mg/day) is also pretty effective, for much less.


Most people don't get progesterone sides at moderate doses. If you're looking to push over 75mg/day then you might have problems. This also depends on personal tolerance to estrogen sides. If you typically have trouble with estrogen then you will likely have problems with progesterone, unless you run tren by itself (which I do not recommend).

Cabergoline is expensive, so if you begin developing sides and an a SERM or AI aren't working after a couple days then order some cabergoline from chemone or similar. It should arrive within a couple days, so you won't shouldn't experience any permanent side effects while waiting.

I have no direct experience but a lot of people say B6 works okay.


the last time I checked I didn't see any cabergoline on sale at chemone


I just saw this too. I'm curious as to why (rainjack?).


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[Thanks man]


Mybe im confused on what your asking but i used tren for about 10weeks wiht .5cc everyother day and had no problems i used clomids or whoever you spell it for recovery..


Cabergoline does almost nothing for progesterone. I think that you and 90% of the public mean/meant to say prolactin. There was a study where it was shown that progesterone was lowered with caber - it was using pregnant women and the lowering effect it had on progesterone was considered non-significant!

and that was by an indirect mechanism where the lowering of prolactin causes a slight lowering of progesterone, though not as great of a effect as lowering estrogen or increasing dht does. Great for controling prolactin though, and recovery after sex. Also B6 does nothing for progesterone, but does for Prolactin.

Now as far as if one NEEDS caber to control a potential raise in prolactin, I wouldn't ever say that it is needed, but might be a good safety procaution or ancillery to boost sexual performance to go with your increased sex drive and aggression. B6 at 200-600mg has been shown to reduce prolactin too, but nowhere close to that of Bromo which is less than that of Caber, but still has an effect.

Of interest is the fact that many quote that B6 causes its lowering through raising dopamine, even though most studies site an indepedant mechanism for it's action and not through raising dopamine. I've been curious as to some sort of synergy of Dbol with Tren or deca as far as the dopamine/progestin thing goes. Dbol and Tren = heaven, so maybe.

And the best thing to control progesteronic sides is to control estrogen.


if you are stacking tren with an aromitizable steroid, then control elevated estrogen through the use of an AI. That alone will reduce the likelihood of experiencing P sides.




the B6 you guys are talking about is the normal
B6 oral vitamin?


         Yeah that's my preferred plan of action. But if one were to need the caber, what is the dosage range most commonly used guys?



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Whats considered a high dose?


I looked into this the other day and supposedly b-6 toxicity is totally reversible.


        FDA says nix on anything over 100 mg/day believe it or not.

  I know I dug up something from one of rainjacks threads a while back where he used something like 240mg/day successfully and once around 400/day I believe, which resulted in headaches for him.

Beebuddy: Yep I read that too, but I would caution against believing that is effective for high end doses at any length of time. I think that's more for a very temporary short burst of moderately high dose.

                 Good thread.


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Try the first link, it's a PDF so I just linked google.


Supposedly it takes a few grams a day to do irreversible damage. So it would be wise for those interested to consider that I suppose.


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