Tren Bombs

Heard alot this product and the research on it aint really turning up much. so help would be appreicated on these questions.

Is it a steriod?
Is it illegal?

and one just incase i take it, it says to take liver support with it and a natuarl test supplement after? all this good advice?

It appears to be a tren derivative. The best advice–don’t bother fucking with it. Tren is a) quite effective b) horrible side effects unless you have some SERMs/AIs. Even with a tren derivative you will get lots of strength/size gains, but your cock will stop working, your prostate will swell (be up pissing mutliple times during the night) libido crash, etc. It will activate prolactin receptors and that can become a nightmare as well.

The short:
It is a steroid.
It is probably legal until they ban that derivative, but if you are trying to pass a piss test you will fail.