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Tren Bomb a Toxic Anabolic?

so i went into my local supplement shop looking for a decent test booser and i was sold ‘Tren Bomb’ and told i prob wouldnt need milk thistle or a pct as no one else who had bought the product from the shop had bothered and not had any side effects. I did some reaserch online and have read that it is actually a toxic anabolic and u need milk thistle and a decent pct. has anyone on the forum ever tried it??


anyone help?

Nobody I know has, but I’ll tell you one thing–you should never go back to that shop you bought it at. They are giving you shitty, self-serving, potentially dangerous advice.

Get a pct and liver support asap.

Next time, don’t buy something without researching it first. I would try and get your money back.

i havent started using it yet. should i invest in liver suppport and a pct or just not bother taking them?

tren bomb is not a test booster. It does not boost natural testosterone production in anyway. Nor does it provide any exogenous testosterone to your body. So you should take it back to the shop and get a refund.

Technically the same could be said for Trenbolone though - that isn’t to say it doesn’t work.

[quote] Brook wrote:
Technically the same could be said for Trenbolone though - that isn’t to say it doesn’t work.[/quote]

Do you really envision this guy picking up some hCG or injectable testosterone to go along with his ‘Tren Bomb’ the same way someone would with Trenbolone to make it a more comfortable run ;). (I’m not saying adding Test to the ‘Tren Bomb’ will make it a productive or comfortable cycle, I don’t know much about Tren Bomb to judge)

could it work if i use milk thistle and a pct such as androbolix this is what it says to do on a different website where people who have used ‘tren bomb’ are reviewing the product?

Maybe you should ask there - at the risk of sounding elitist… well, y’know.