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Tren Blood Pressure Spikes

I’m very over weight so this cycle is mainly to loose weight. I have high BP like 135/80 I started taking Test E 100MG/Week with Tren E 400MG/week and everything was going amazing. I have ZERO appetite, I feel better than ever and I’m loosing tons of weight while gaining tons of muscle. I monitor my BP like 5 or 6 times a day and now in week 5 of the cycle my BP is 145/85 which I am okay with BUT when Tren is making my mind go nuts my BP is spiking to 168/100 if I get a high reading like that and meditate for a minute it drops down to 145 sometime 135 or even 130…

because of the spikes I’m seeing when my mind is racing I’ve stopped the Tren and am going to wait 2 weeks then start back on 100MG Test E with 200MG Tren. What are your opinions on these sort of spikes? Are these purely caused by anxiety? I really wish I could continue how I’m going as everything is going so well but feel as if spikes like this are very dangerous?

I know I shouldn’t be taking AAS in general with my high BP but my BP is due to being overweight so feel cutting on Tren isn’t a horrible thing. Are there any other options for me besides Tren? Test only gives me bad Acne and makes it miserable to diet with the increased appetite.

Enough said right here. You don’t need anabolics to lose weight. Do that first.

In the long run being lean will be better for you, yes. But Tren while not being in optimal health is a disaster. Then high blood pressure comes in and you can really fuck yourself up that way.

My recommendation is, take the Test at 200 mg per week, that probably puts you slightly over the natural limit. Since on a hard diet, testosterone levels decrease like mad, your testosterone levels will be seriously increased in comparison to a natural. That is enough to give you a big edge and help you with your goal. Run a deficit of 500 kcals per day for the next 10 weeks.

The problem is, with Tren you shut down your HPT already. So you took the risk of not recovering already. Be smart, drop the Tren, run Test only but low dose and stay consistent on your diet. That’s the solution for not destroying your body and maybe recovering your HPT afterwards.