Tren Base - Advantages/Disadvantages

Hi peeps,

Simple question really… I have some Tren Base. I am contemplating cycling with it. I understand its in and out of the system very quick so twice a day injections to try manage the sides. What are your thoughts on this?

General advantages/disadvantages? benefits over tren ace/enth and visa versa.

Your help would be appreciated


I’d say it’s an overall disadvantage:/

2 pins/day sucks and your levels spike and drop too much so sides are a bitch

Why not just get A or E instead?

Test suspension is crazy enough, in terms of blood levels, tren base is just asking for trouble. IMO

What reasonable person would even think to make that.

To be honest… The two jabs a day doesn’t particularly bother me so this isn’t an issue for me… I’ve been using tren A and tren E for years. The last course I was using tri-tren which I foound quite effective. It was purely that the guy I buy my stuff off recomended the tren base. His a pal of mine and is quite a successful professional bodybuilder and he loves the stuff. So I thought why not give it a go. Surely there wouldn’t be zero advantages at all otherwise I beg the question why someone would make it in the first place.

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That guy is trying to sell you stuff, so I’d considered what he says in context. The only advantage of tren base that I can think of is that it’d take less time to kick in, a few days, instead of a week or two. It’s the same chemical as tren-e. How do you know it even is tren base, isn’t it real rare?

I would figure out exactly why you want to use tren base instead of tren e. If you want a cycle that’ll kick in faster you could try orals for the first few weeks, or frontload with a short ester testosterone.

Just a thought here–if it’s tren (no ester) then you might think of using it like people use Dbol, or halo: pre-workout dose to bump aggression up.

Also, I’d think it a terrible cycle idea. If you pin 2-3x a day maybe, but why would you want to do that?? If you choose to do it, get some insulin needles and do it that way–less scarring will occur with so frequent injections.

I also don’t really see the point. I mean if it was really viable for me (which its not)…Id be pinning tren ace 2x per day as I can feel levels dropping by nightfall.

But then id believe I also wouldnt be able to sleep anymore lol!

If i was pinning that much I would be trying to use 27 guage for less scarring but hell…that would take forever to inject I think and if your hand is not extremely steady…the needle would be moving around inside your muscle while injecting…that wouldnt feel very nice.