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Tren Baking Contradiction


I am an experienced Tren user, but made my first homemade batch.

Most web sources say homemade tren (from Fina cartridges) should be baked at 250 degrees F. I realize not everyone bakes.

But Tren has a melting point of something like (not exact, but it is under 200 F) 198 F. How does this not destroy the Tren?

Reading between the lines, I think the argument is that the BA boiling point is around 400 F, therefore anything under that, the Tren won't melt.

I'm only into my third day, but no night sweats as I normally would have. Vivid dreams is there.

I baked my Tren at 250 F, but it hit 300 F twice within the 30 minutes, momentarily.

Do you think my tren could be seriously degraded from the bake, and can you explain the contradiction on Tren melting point vs. baking at 250 F (which is above the melting point)?


I'm thinking the baiking is more for sterilization purposes.

I have made tren from pellets, and I never baked it. If you get it into solution, just filter it through a .45mu or a .22mu whatman.


well, it is important to note that a melting point refers to the pure substance in its solid state(or in this case powder form), not when it is in solution. When dealing with solutions you have to worry about boiling points (by the way the bp of BA is 205 degC/421.5 degF). But anyway, when you put the TA(tren acetate) into solution with the BA there are a lot of different intermolecular forces at work, which increases the boiling point of the BA a bit. Then when you put that complex into the oil, you have a good mix of chemical forces going on. My point being that the tren should NOT be degraded when you sterilize it because it is in solution and like you said the BA would have to evaporate off (leaving the tren alone in pure form suspended in oil) for any problems to happen. So you should be alright. The baking is an extra precaution, as long as you are careful during the filter sterilization, you shouldn't have to bake. And let's face it, the second that you draw your first dose, the bottle is technically not sterile anymore. Why? Because you are taking a needle that is exposed to the non-sterile air, maybe aspirating and forcing non-sterile air into the vial while sticking the now non-sterile needle into the liquid. So, as long as you were clean and careful during the conversion, you should be fine. maybe your conversion is a bit underdosed? Did you flush the filters with some oil after you used all the BA/TA mixture? This might make a small or big difference in dosing, I don't know since I have never checked the conc. in one case or the other. hope this helps.


Actually, here are the melting points for Tren:

(Trenbolone, with no ester): 186C
(Acetate Ester): 96-97C
(hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ester):90-95C


Why the hell are you melting finaplix implants in the first place?



This was very helpful. And great point that once you put a needle in, it is no longer sterile.

I think I am probably under dosing. Three "symptoms" of Tren use for me always were vivid dreams, night sweats (to a degree), and oily skin.

SO far, only the vivid dreams have occurred, so I am going to up my dosage. And I did run some clean oil through my whatman filter to get the last tren out.

This was very helpful. Thank you much!!


No no, I didn't melt the implants. I followed complete instructions.

I was just concerned that with a melting point for Tren way below 250 degrees, how one could get away with baking the final product at 250 degrees and not melt the tren within.

It was explained above.


Great info - I did not have that number - thanks!


I disagree with the needle theory. As long as the rubber stopper was cleaned well with alcohol, the needle is still considered sterile. Acording to aseptic technique, Contact with something non-sterile is what make a sterile object unsterile. Contact with the air, as long as you didn't sneeze on the needle, and provided you didn't take your eyes off the needle, doesn't technically make the needle unsterile.


My book includes melting points for every steroid in it, by the way.

But if you need any specific ones, for any compound in particular, just ask.

I bought this damn MERCK MANUAL, and I'm going to get my friggin
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I have cnverted 10 carts of tren finaplix and 40g of synovex and never used an oven for any of it. I'm not sure what instructions you are reading, but If you have your tren in solution and you filter properly, Why are you getting the stuff anywhere near the oven?


I agree with you P22. I know you are a health care practicioner, so I am not going to argue the point. What I was trying to impart was that sometimes we get over-concerned with sterility, especially when we home-brew. As long as we are taking care of any bacterial contamination with the use of 70% ethanol or isopropanol, using clean environments, using gloves, sterility should not be an issue. We can always argue degrees of sterility. Since we are not working in ultra-filtered clean air environments with sterile and/or autoclaved equipment and laminar flow ventilation, the air may not be as "clean" as other environments. In my view, when we aspirate we introduce a possibility of contamination- while the incidence and probability of contamination is slim to none. Health care practicioners and users all over the world do this. But I was just trying to put things in perspective.