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Tren and Working Night Shift


Hi guys, I just wrapped up my 1st cycle, and I was doing research on my second one. I'm definitely interested in adding tren, but I've heard that insomnia can be a side effect. Working night shift, some days can be rough to sleep, so I wanted to get some input from more experienced users. Is the insomnia dose dependent or is it simply something that affects some people and not others?

Thanks guys


Some people experience insomnia, some don't.

I experience it off and on when I shoot EOD, not so much with ED injections though.


I used a little over 600mg a week with no sides other than sweating my ass off. Thats nothnig new for me though I'm always a sweatty mess


Thanks guys, I was leaning towards the shorter ester already just in case the sides got to be too much, I definitely think I'm gonna go that route next time now.


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