Tren and Winstrol Cycle

How does this sound for 8 weeks?

I am currently 22 weighing 200 pounds at six feet tall. About 12% bodyfat.

75 mg oral winstrol tabs per day

75 mg tren per day

Should I frontlaod the tren? And any other suggestions? Does this look alright?

It is a solid stack, but what purpose are you looking for? Cutting I hope, because it might be a little hard to bulk unless you add some test. I would run 100-200mg a week of some sort of test ester, because the tren is going to shut you down hard. Further, don’t run the winny for eight weeks straight. Just run it the last six weeks of the cycle. You’ll be fine on 75mgs of tren for the first two weeks, believe me. Some people frontload tren, I have never done it because it is very fast acting anyway. Otherwise dosages look solid, make sure you have clomid or novla, and maybe HCG (if you don’t use the test) for PCT…Lata

6 weeks is usually the limit for using 17-AA steroids without taking a break. (d/t their liver toxicity) I am not going to tell you I haven’t used them for longer than six weeks at a time with no apparent sides, because I have. I however drink only a handfull of drinks per year, and pretty much stay away from most other sources of liver toxicity - i.e. tylenol e.t.c.

As for keeping your libido, I can recomed on this cycle that instead of getting into the hassel of using test, and then haveing to deal with extra estrogen and water retention, go with Proviron. This weak steroid binds tighter to SHBG than anyother making the tren and winny more effective. It also has the crucial dht compound that is lacking in the other anabolics that tends to shut down the libido. And finally it doesn’t aromatise, yet attracts and binds the aromatase enzyme more than any other steroid. 50 mg per day should suffice. P-22

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Prisoner #22,
You are the first guy that has not just been quick to say, “add Test” to a tren cycle. The proviron is something that I have pondered and that I would like to hear more about if you could elaborate or give some good research sources. I would think that adding Test would be ok for a bulker but your take on the proviron is right on about cutting especially. Test will interfer with Tren’s ability to help you lose fat(don’t flame me for saying it helps you lost fat) but not the Proviron.
This might sound weird but you have caught my attention with this proviron topic and I would like it if you would talk some more about it’s ability to keep you from getting shut down(and other benefits).
With new found respect,
Scottish 190

Prisoner #22,

In your own personal experience has Proviron with a tren stack be a good substitute for test? My main goal for this cycle is to get ripped up and gain muscle size and hardness, but mostly to lower my bodyfat percentage. I don’t know which way to go with the test issue, because like you were saying, if I add the test I will start getting some water retention, which will sort of defeat the purpose of what I am going for. The tren is really going to inhibit me a few weeks in, which may cause problems for me. So do you think adding 100-200mg of test per week would keep my libido up, but be at the low end of water retention? If I did add the test at 100-200mg, would .25mg of liquid arimidex every third day be sufficient?

I guess the biggest question I am having with the stack is what the minimal amount of test I would need to take to keep my libido where it is at now as a 20 year old, while on tren. Also when should I start the test and should it be frontloaded, and if so what should the dosage and frontload be?

If you have some HCG, that can work in place of test. P-22 is actually who suggested this to me. I’m trying it right now and both me and my girlfriend are quite pleased. The weekend protocol starting in week 3 should keep your natural test going, thus not requiring you to administer any extra test.

Maybe you could use test prop if you are really worried about water retention, you could add that to your tren injections if you can find a high enough dosed product. Justinp, how long is the cycle that you are running? Squatty suggested using HCG to me a long time ago following that protocol, but I never followed it, looks like I should have…Lata

They cycle i’m on right now is a bit of an abortion. I was on 3 weeks of tren/test/dbol which i stopped and swithced up to primobolan and winstrol. I guess i’ve been on for a total of 6 weeks so far. The HCG has been working just fine for me at 250iu per week. I’m likely going to run the primo and winny for another 4 weeks or so, then PCT. So, test is not a requirement. HCG does work and it is very beneficial to run during a cycle, simplifying recovery a great deal.


Proviron can be used during a steroid cycle such as nandrolone, or trenbolone which are lack an androgenic nature, d/t 5-alpha reduced hormones that don’t have the same affinities as DHT does (Proviron is 1-methylated DHT). Of course these drugs (tren and deca) have been know to cause the ‘fina dick’ or ‘deca dick’. Adding dht to these drugs (in form of either proviron or masteron) will help alleviate this side affect. Proviron is also commonly prescribed by doctors to people with low levels of testosterone, or patients with chronic impotence.

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