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Tren and Winny

Hello everyone,

I am going to use Tren Acetate for the first time and am wondering if anyone has experience using it with Winny. I have not seen a forum or post where a suggested cycle with the two has been suggested, but a couple of experienced gear users recommended the combo to me.

Any advice you guys can give me would be great. Thanks.

Tren and winny both have short half lives so you will need injections every day in an effort to keep circulating steroid levels constant. Are you injecting both or getting winny tabs?
Either way, most will run tren at 75mg every day, and winny at 50-100mg every day.

Some things to consider for this cycle:
Neither tren nor winny are estrogenic, so you won’t have to worry about estrogen sides during the cycle- the use of nolvadex or anit-aromatases is not neccessary. Tren is however progestinic (meaning it or its metabolites will bind and active the progeterone receptor) which is a problem. The use of winny, which is reported as being anti-progestinic, will help. If you can get a hold of fulvestrant (which is an anit-E and anti-Prg) it will also help, but I am not sure if it is neccessary.

This will be a short cycle running about 6 WEEKS TOPS. Winny is liver toxic and prolonged use of tren is as well.

Even though the cycle will be short, tren is very suppressive. So the use of nolvadex after cycle for hpta recovery is necessary(maybe 100mg/day 2-3 days after last injection)for the first week, then 40mg/day for next 2 weeks).

Hope this helps and gives you something to think about. But if you are asking these questions, you still need to do a lot of research on these compounds. I reccomend you do that and then come back to use with more “education” and a sample of what you intend to do.