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tren and winni, or tren and sustanon


i am 235 about 16% body fat and would like to get shredded. i have never done anything before. i heard winni and tren were great for cutting and getting hard. first would this put much size on me and second where on my body do i inject, and how often do i take each. also, what would a cycle of tren and sustanon do in comparison, and how often and where do i inject it. thanks


based on your post, you dont have enough knowledge of aas to be jumping into them yet. read the various articles on this site as well as the steroid newbie thread. that should get you jump started.


"where on my body do i inject" This tells me you lack even the basic knowledge of using aas. Start studying bro.


I've seen this question a thousand times and have answered it just as many. Obviously you're new, and this stuff is easy to get confused about. But let me break it down to you plain and simple;
Steroids are Anabolic/Androgenic....NOT THERMOGENIC. If you don't know what this means then please continue reading about them. Steroids don't burn fat my friend. They do affect your metabolism, but not exactly in that manner.

You can do Tren/winny...but you won't get leaner. It all comes down to diet and exercise. Get lean first, and when you get into single digit bodyfat percents...then start to consider steroids. Until then, keep reading about them. You can't flex fat