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Tren And TSH levels


Does anyone have lab results during a Tren cycle that can verify TSH or T3/T4 being out of wack

Reason I ask is because during my last cycle of heavy Tren use I felt tired and lethargic and believe it was caused by lowered TSH or other thyroid hormones. Now during my PCT I feel my body is trying to over compensate. To the point where I literally had to go to my doctor to be put on Anxiety medications. The first thing he tested for (haven’t gotten results back yet) was TSH

And I didn’t understand why but now it clicked

Tren was most likely the culprit

On Tren = Hypo = lethargy
Off Tren = Hyper = anxiousness

Am I on to something or am I just rambling.

Edit: I’ve also read that caber (which I did use) can lower TSH aswell



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yeah tren’s quite well known for fucking with your T3. A lot of people use a low dose (12.5mcg) when they run tren for that purpose.


Got labs back TSH was at 3.79 on a reference range of 0.3 - 5.0 U/mL seems pretty normal I guess. They didint test T3/T4 however did test some other types of metabolites the only thing that was high was Nitrogen haha I’m assuming that’s still lingering from my cycle.


I’ve read that TSH should be closer to 1.0 and much higher indicates potential subclinical hypothyroidism. I’m surprised “they” didn’t test for T3 and T4. Ideally, knowing your rT3 is also extremely useful as well to get a well rounded look at your thyroid function.


Unfortunately I have shitty medical services and they didn’t even see anything out of wack because it’s was in “normal range” to be honest I really don’t know very much about thyroid function but I’ve been doing a lot of reading and it seems you are correct. My TSH is pretty damn high. Which would indicate low T4 however without a test then there is no way of knowing. But I don’t understand how I can have symptoms of Hyperthyroidism yet High TSH indicates Hypothyroidism…

Perhaps the Tren lowered my T3/T4 in turn raised my TSH and now my T3/T4 are rising to normal? Leaving me with high T4 and high TSH ? That seems a little abnormal.



I have Hashimoto’s which causes hypothyroidism and am on 200 mcg of levothyroxine daily. My last TSH lab, about 6 months ago, was around 1.0, which is low in the lab range of 0.45 - 4.5. I tried Tren about three months ago. After four injects of 50 mg each I decided I wasn’t ready to deal with the side effects and stopped. About three weeks later I had labs done. TSH was 19.840! Just had labs done again last week. With no changes to my thyroid medication TSH was back down to 1.4. You do the math.


When i got labs whilst running 350mg tren a p/w my free T4 was around double the reference range.

From what i understand this is fairly common.

Bloods taken 4 weeks into cycle.

No previous ft4 bloods for comparison but i will be including it in my next lot of lab work whilst cruising.