Tren and Sex Drive


Guys i have a problem with my sex drive after using tren E, tren A, masteron E, testosterone E, it have been 6 months since my last shoot, i used 20000iu of hcg along with clomid and Nolvadex and i have problems getting an erection(tren Dick), i thought that it will be gone by now but it didn’t go away yet, take note that I was using tren E, tren A, masteron E, testosterone E at dose of 1 g per week for 6 months, and now i don’t know what to do… So hellllp!!!

Your help is much appreciated

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Get bloodwork. Post results. The real experts will help you then. Good luck getting boners.

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What bloodwork in specific, what is it called?!

I get hard but its not easy, it takes time

Do a search for @KSman 's stickies. He lays out what blood work to get and where to get it. Also watch this:

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to clarify… were you using each of these at 1g per week? if not, what were the doses of each?

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Yes the dose was 1 g of each, i got huge i was 123 kg during that cycle, but now I’m suffering

this is kind of easy…
you didn’t recover from your cycle, period. you ran 4 fucking grams of gear, including 2g of tren. that’s an insanely big cycle. Bigger than a lot of pros use, and since you’re clueless about bloodwork and recovery, my guess is you aren’t a pro.

you need to go to a dr, tell him what you did, and get on testosterone replacement therapy. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s essentially injecting an amount of testosterone every week for the rest of your life that brings you to ‘normal’ hormonal levels. my guess is your testosterone is very low now. you can run steroid cycles on top of this.

the 3 bloodwork values that are most likely contributing to your issues would be Testosterone, E2 (estradiol), and prolactin. Get these checked, or ask your dr to check them.

if you aren’t willing to go to a dr, start injecting 200mg of testosterone every week, once a week, when you aren’t on a cycle.


Thx, ur help is much appreciated

This has to be a troll thread. Who could run that kind of cycle and not know what a blood test is?

I don’t run them as long as I’m sexual fine, so this was the first to have to do them, its ok😂

he’s obviously not from the US. You see some crazy shit in south america, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, etc.

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I really dont see why people mess with Tren & Deca?? So much good juice out there that doesn’t kill yur weinner…why bother???

However I think someone should post a beginner tren ace cycle. It may prevent all this noodle D syndrome


Yeah I gotta call bullshit also. No one in their right mind would do this,right?

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That was my first thought. But then there’s always that one guy at the party that goes overboard and needs his stomach pumped. Meanwhile everyone else is fine with a few beers.

If some is good. More is gooder, and all the anabalics all at once is mostest bestest.


Haha its always dipshits on 1st cycle too… Then they grow bitch tits have limp D and give responsible juicers a bad name.

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I’m that guy, once I’m past the slight buzz it all tastes like water.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


i ran my first tren ace cycle recently. was good.

Ive been on fence about Ten ace… Mostly because I cant tell if I should use it in a bulk cycle or cut cycle. I have heard its very strong. Most times I like a single ester base and a oral to stack it with. How did you run it? For bulking or cutting?

for strength.

It’s really good for cutting, I would say. Could be used for both, but I got the leanest I’ve ever been on it without really even trying to.