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Tren and Others Log

I was looking through the forums and saw some short cycle results and I thought I would post mine as I have just finished. My results are nothing short of exceptional. After coming back from an 8 month overseas trip I was a skinny fat 214 pounds, I dieted down to a lean 200 pounds and then started a dirty bulk, I now weight about 250 pounds. My calories ranged between 6-8k a day. I should note that I used to weight 280 pounds and I would attribute all my gains to muscle memory All though I did try occlusion training, training up to 3 times a day as well as a bit of fasting.

My cycle consisted of:
Day 1-2: Tren A: 150mg ED
Day 1-2: Mast P: 250mg ED
Day 3-21: Tren A: 60mg ED
Day 4-21: Mast P 120mg EOD
Day 1-21: Test P: 80mg EOD
Day 1-14: Anavar: 60mg ED
Day 15-21: Dianabol: 60mg ED

I am now going to do a 3 week bridge of anavar dosed at 50mg ED before I head to Thailand for 4 weeks.

Here is the crazy thing, I have put on 50 pounds of weight in these 3 short weeks. I put on 2 pounds of weight minimum every day. I assume a lot is water bloat and some is fat but I am not really sure where the water bloat came from. I am pretty iffy when it comes to posting photos of myself as my before photos all have my face clearly showing.

How long did it take you to notice effects of tren? I just pinned my first dose of 1/2ml today.

Depends what ester it is. But you should already know that