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Tren and Lost Erections

Okay I’ve posted here before but didn’t exactly find anything it’s worth a try one more time
I took a cycle of tren and test for 8 weeks for pct I only did 4 weeks of nolvadex at 20mgs a day (I know this was nowhere near enough) since then I have taken cabergolan, clomid, nolvadex hcg and many vitamins as a result of the vitamins I do et a raised libido however I cannot have sex as I lose it literally in 2 minutes and can’t get it to 100%. The blood tests given to me came back that the only problem I really had was low free testosterone last time I posted on this forum no one really gave me clear answers so I’m not looking for that now all the doctor said was wait it out

So I was wondering does anyone know or has experienced themselves lost erections and has been able to full recover from it?

Im on my knees now it’s been nearly a year and need to know if it’s even possible realistically without an erection my life’s pretty much over

Try a restart with nolva? Otherwise, TRT.

I’ve tried nolvadex was just looking to see if there’s anyone who’s actually had this problem and recovered guess not

was your prolactin in range?

I meant try it again, as in not the 4 week PCT you did. Your free t is low which could be causing your issues. It could at least get you some answers…

I also wonder about prolactin.

My prolactin was fine I did however take caber now it’s low however this doesn’t affect erections being low

Something I found in another forum was a power pct which people have said fixed almost everyone who had lost an erection it looks like

2500ius hcg every 3 days for 8 injections
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 for 45 days starting with hcg
After hcg finished clomid at 100/100/50/50 for a month
5000ius of vitamin d

What does anyone think of that? The doctor recommended that I just wait to naturally recover however I heard this was just criminal to either wait or go on trt dose it’s also not getting better

what does your bloodwork show?

How old are you? And what’s your blood pressure like? And how about anxiety? There are a zillion things that can lead to ED problems, and generally speaking, the problems snowball once they start.

I’ve had issues with it over the last couple years. I’m 32 years old. Every time I had a shitty erection, I would have more anxiety the next time, negative expectations, etc. It fucked with me. Finally decided what the hell, ED meds it is. Since I tried that, I had some amazing sex, and shortly after I had a run of good experiences, I didn’t really need it anymore. Got my mind right, and things are back to normal. I’ll still use Cialis/Viagra every now and then just for the hell of it, or to be sure of myself, but for me, the mental game was a bigger deal than anything. It’s something to consider.

Btw, I tried the things you’ve already tried. Caber definitely did not work for me.

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The mental aspect is highly underrated. You can get into a funk sometimes and be your own worst enemy. I once had a magazine quality chick with a phat ass and visible abs coming over, but I psyched myself up so much for it and then focused so much on pleasing her that when the time came I was pushing rope. Huge disappointment and ended up having to fake an orgasm…Never had ED issues in my life until that point.

Its definately not mental i had the same partner for a while and my bloods done which said my free testosterone was below what it should be even alone with porn i have a very soft erection the main response i was looking for is does the power pct seem like a good option

2500ius of hcg eod or e3d for 8 injections
nolvadex from the start for 45 days at 40/40/20/20
clomid the day after my last hcg jab at 100/100/50/50 for 30 days?

thanks for the response guys

can you please post your bloodwork, so we can give an informed decision?