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Tren and Hormone Replacement Therapy

I have been doing hormone replacemen therapy for 4 months now (180mg test a week). I’d like to harden and lean up…would tren be a wise choice? I’ve done two cycles in the past with great results. I’m looking for an easy transition back into the world of steroids. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Go for it.

But provide more information please. There is a sticky titled READ BEFORE POSTING

Sorry…I had that in the original text box, but it somehow didn’t make it.

I’m 33 years old, been training for the past 15 years. I’m 5’10" 220lbs, 12% bf. I’ve done two 12 week cycles of Test E (400mg/week) and Dianabol (20mg/day) with decent reslts. Back then I cared more about size and not so much about definition. Now, that I’m doing the HRT, I like the size I’m getting with the Test and want something to give an extra kick. I’m looking for more hardness and lean mass.

I’ve never done Tren, but was looking to do a 5-8 week cycle. Any suggestions?

Yea that sounds fine.

6 weeks at 50mg ED would be a reasonable place to start. Its a bit on the low side but some people are apprehensive about jumping into more substantial doses of tren right off the bat.

Masteron could also be an option worth looking in to, based on your goals.

What about Anavar? I’m beginning to thing that would be a better choice.