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Tren and Heart/Cardio Issues


Hi guys,

I am currently on a masteron/eq/test cycle. I play rugby, train mma, and enjoy Olympic lifting. The cycle so far has been great and I wanted to extend it a bit since I feel like the eq is really just starting to kick in. I recently came into a few vials of test prop/tren ace/masteron prop all dosed at 50mg each. The vials were very cheap- I was actually getting more test and masteron than by buying them separately. However, I have always avoided tren due to its reputation to produce nasty cardio problems. I understand it also causes some heart issues.

If I ran the mix at 150mg EOD (along with some extra masteron and eq), that would only be 175mg of tren a week. I imagine this is fairly individual but do you think that would affect my cardio? If so, are people able to regain their cardio after tren cycles?


175mg of Tren Ace a week is a really small dose and shouldn't affect your cardio noticeably. However like you said it is individually dependant.

Cardio/stamina is normal upon cessation of the drug.



That's good to hear. It is a small dose so I didn't think it would do too much damage, if any. However, I have read that some people get winded even on 200mg a week, which I found surprising considering I have also read about dosages in the 200mg eod range. I'm curious to see how I respond. I guess this is a good way to find out.