Tren and Gyno Related Sides

6 weeks on test e 500mg
3rd week tren ace 450mg
Aromasin off and on

I’ve got a problem. I’ve got a little lump growing in my right breast. It’s right under the nipple. My nipples themselves are also extremely sensitive. I’ve upped my aromasin dose so that I no longer get morning wood, making me believe I’ve lowered my estrogen quite a bit. I’ve also been taking b6 200mg ED. I just squeezed my right nipple a little bit and a small amount of liquid came out, right after an “air escaping” kind of sound.
Am I going to be needing a bromo source?

What can I do in the meantime to curb these effects? Up the aromasin again and b6?
I’ve got winny. I hear that can lower progesterone. Should I start taking that?
I’m freaking scared.

haha, nothing freaks you out quite as much as when you get that horrible goo out the nips, eh?

It’s fixable, don’t worry. You need caber, bromo or prami. I have only ever used caber myself so I can’t advise you on the others. .5mg of caber twice a week should sort it out.

Let it be a lesson to you to run your anciliiaries from the start in future. Shit like this is much easier to prevent than it is to cure.

Doesn’t caber only lower prolactin though? That’s what I’ve been reading. I’m taking b6 for that. Wouldn’t I need something to lower progesterone like bromo?
Or is lactation due to prolactin and not progesterone and the b6 isn’t working/not being doses high enough?

9/10 its a prolactin issue which why Caber is recommended when running Tren and Deca. B6 is not going to really do shit for you. Your not running over the counter drugs so why would over counter solution like B6 be enough? Just not sure was thought out well.

lactation is prolactin. Use a dopamine agonist.

I was honestly going the cheaper route when I picked up that b6. Eight bucks isn’t bad man. I’ll up the b6 until I can find a suitable caber dealer. The only thing I’m afraid of is the nerve damage I keep hearing about with b6 overdoses. What about t3 also? Should I get some of that?

But another question; what about progesterone? Should I not need to worry? Is it possible that the lumps are progesterone related and the lactation is prolactin?

Thanks for the responses so far.

there’s a relationship between steroids that act on the progesterone receptors and prolactin levels that I don’t fully understand. All I know is that these steroids somehow raise prolactin, and you need caber (or similar) to combat it.

That’s what I understood too, but the same went for progesterone as well. I’ll look for caber and go with it.

Is the lump getting better?

B6 is far too mild to be used, also excess amounts of b6 isn’t healthy either

Use caber,bromo or prami for the lactation.

Actually since I posted this my breasts have been incredibly sensitive. I’m assuming it’s because I’m focusing on them a lot. A friend of mine said he bought caber from a research chemical site and it was cut with nolva and prami, so I might just buy prami from there anyway as my source has no idea where to get legit caber. Not excited about it but whatever

Do you guys think a 500mg dose of b6 would be overkill? I don’t know why I’m all of a sudden now concerned with my life being in danger but if I’m going to od I 'd rather have it not be b6

Stop playing with them

Again b6 is far too mild to treat lactation, excess use of b6 for extended period of time isn’t good for you

Liquid caber doesn’t work, if your going the research chem route you need prami. Prami works very well but the sides can be rough

I bought some liquid prami a few hours ago. What do you suggest I do until gets here? Keep the b6 at 500 and keep nuking my estrogen?

this is definitely a prolactin issue, im subject to the same in response to tren and deca. managing estrogen while using these compounds is essential as that in itself typically prevents prolactin problems. as suggested try out some caper, or any dopamine agonist, i almost want to say that amphetamines(adderall) will work.

What cml said, keep the estrogen in check for now, and AGAIN b6 is pointless.

Is your lump getting any better?

How much aromasin are you taking?

I just took. 25mg aromasin today. This week has been ( starting Sunday ) 6.25, 12.5, 12.5, 25 . You guys keep asking me how the lump is doing. Is this supposed to be changing that much throughout the day?

Take 25mg ED. If the lump hasn’t gotten better in a week I’d bump up the dose again

Will do. The research prami should be here probably Tuesday or Wednesday . I pin tren Saturday and then Monday . Should I drop it to 300mg until it gets here?