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Tren and Depression

Any advice on tren and depression. I’m on my 3rd week of tren and I’m getting insanely bad depression at random times like suicidal thoughts. I’m going to completely get off of tren and just finish my cycle on sustanon. Is this common from taking tren?

Tren seems to have a wide range of mental side effects. There have been a bunch of studies posted in other threads by some of our more knowledgeable members about how 19-nor derivatives have dangerous neurological effects. The most important thing to do is to keep telling yourself that those intrusive thoughts are not real and that they will pass. Suicidal thoughts are not to be taken lightly. Just keep your mind active and write yourself little reminders that you’re going to be ok.

Yeah that’s what kept me going the past 3 weeks I just kept telling myself it’s all mental and it’s because of the tren. But honestly I do not want to spend 5 more weeks like this so I’m just going to drop tren

Just out of curiosity, how experienced are you with AAS, and are you taking an Anti E at the moment? If so, what dose and how often?? What’s your sust dose per week?

Most likely, your test is too high.

Low test moderate tren is the way to go. And by low test i mean no more than 100-150mg/wk.


I’m new to AAS first cycle my arimidex is coming in today. Could it be from high Estrogen?

This is why you don’t take tren on your first cycle.


Who knows? That’s why you start with one compound only (testosterone) because you never know how you might react to high levels of AAS or estrogen for that matter… next time don’t start a cycle without your AI or PCT on hand either. I’m guessing you don’t have any PCT? Don’t touch tren again.

I got arimidex on hand now. Will arimidex help with the depression? And how long till you think tren is out of my system I took it for 3 weeks at 400 mg a week. It was Tren E

I can’t say for sure if it will help or not because I’m not exactly sure what’s causing your symptoms. I’m not sure how you react to testosterone or tren. Tren E I think will take 2 weeks to get rid of? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Another thing you should have researched, you should consider tren A instead of E because if you react badly it will be out of your system sooner.
A blood test would tell you what your hormone levels are… not that it would matter much because like I said nobody knows how your body deals with testosterone or estrogen let alone everything else in your system right now.

In my experience(and this could be the case with you, or it might not) low estrogen and high estrogen both give me bad depression. If you take a reasonable dose of arimadex to control your estrogen it might help out your symptoms or it might not.

Yeah totally fucking agree. So many people I talked to in real life said it’s fine but they didn’t know shit. Tren is a whole other level. People don’t realize that it messes with your mind. I’m a totally different person on tren

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You still havent said what your test dose is.

Tren messed with my mind until i dropped the test to 100mg/wk. Then all the mental sides disappeared.


I’m on sustanon 600mg. Also do you by any chance have an idea how long the mental sides will leave after quitting tren? I was on tren e 400mg for 3 weeks

Yeah thought so, test way too high.

Considering you’re on Tren E, you should see an improvement within 2 to 3 weeks if not sooner.


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