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Tren and Deca

Hey guys,

A cycle that I’ve done many times in the past is Deca, EQ and Winny. Loved it.

I’ve not been able to lay hands on any EQ lately. I was thinking of substituting Tren E. I wonder though if Tren E/Deca/Winny is too much.

Tren 100 mg/week
Deca 300 mg/week
Winny 50 mg/every other day

This is also my first experince with Tren and yes…PCT and so on is taken care of.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Tren and Deca are both nor 19’s. If you have used Deca before I assume you have done so while avoiding Deca Dick and thus your continued desire to use it. However, compounding 2 nor 19’s [the gear most associated with severe shutdown] is potentially asking for trouble.

I strongly advise against the use of Tren and Deca concurrently. Furthermore, I’m not even a fan of kick starting a cycle with Tren and then switching over to Deca for the duration.

Also your suggested dosage was 100mg of Tren a week. If you ever run Tren you’ll need to know that is less than 1/3 of an effective dosage. Entry level doses are usually 50mg ED for Tren Ace or 200mg twice a week for Tren E. Obviously some guys use quite a bit more these are the minimums.

IMO you need to pick between Tren and Deca others might differ in opinion.

Finally, do have something against Test. Adding 500mg of Test a week to your Winny and Deca or Tren would make for a very nice cycle. If you prefer EQ due to the lower aromatization don’t worry too much. 500mg is well tolerated by most individuals. Or just run a very low dose AI

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I third the opinion… and also heavily suggest adding in some test.
See Ya