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Tren and Dbol, Any Point?

Hello, I am currently beginning week five of a tren e, test e, dbol cycle. I started the dbol week 3, figuring that the esters would kick fully by the time I was in the prime of the dbol gains. the dbol had me all bloated up, getting sick pumps, face like a chipmonk etc… but when the tren kicked in, all my bloat disappeared and now I am wondering if there is even any point to taking the dbol now.

I guess I should focus on the fact that dbol is anabolic, so I should be reaping those benefits despite being dry, but it doesnt feel right.

test e 500mg ew
tren e 350mg ew
dbol 50mg ed

is there any way I can hold some more wate on tren? im eating 600 carbs and drinking plenty of water.

What are your sides like? With those ratios of Test to Tren I would be going haywire.
You answered your own question, the Dbol will provide an anabolic environment and up protein synthesis, TBH Dbol doesnt do much for me except give me a pump and euphoria. Oh and as much gas as a gas station!

Im off the Dbol now and I am still getting the euphoria because of my Test-Tren ratio switch. However instead of now being a more calm-situation-handling-Alpha Male type, Im a cocky confident bastard lol.


TBH I’m not even taking my AI yet. I have no sides other than nightsweats and furious anger. Libido is through the roof. Heartburn so bad. Loving the fatburning effects of the tren. Thank you Singh helpful as usual

Good thread, I been thinking of a cycle just like this for my next one. My boy just went on Tren and keeps telling me to try but his aggression is so ridiculous I’m afraid I’d end up killing someone on that shit