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Tren and Cardio

Hi guys,

Started implementing 20 mins incline walk at the end of workouts, 2.7mph at 12 degree incline for 20 mins. Done this twice now and both times now and don’t feel out of breathe as such. I just feel like I’m going to collapse and faint. Had to rush to a petrol station and grab a mars bar or something to try and sugar up. Normal for tren? I hear people say they get short of breathe walking ip stairs. I don’t get that.

For me i didnt felt so much on endurance,mayybe little bit,but as you say after training i was like dead if i dont take some sugar up:D especially after legs,just lie down on the bed and laying like a dead for 20mins untill its better

Look up treatment emergent diabeties… Sounds like severe hypoglycemia… Not safe…

Ok I have only ever used tren enanthate and I have clearly read that acetate has a whole different world of sides.

Your situation sounds so similar to mine, I would not be surprised if you also happened to be on enanthate. The acetate seems to have the severe cardio and breath issues.
When I run tren e I HAVE to regularly threw out the day give myself sugar. I use those little hard candies when I am out working or just out and about. If I am at home I get an actual sugar soft drink and go take a sip or so every hour to two hours depending on how everything else is going. I leave it in the fridge and just go sip it when it is time. It is just something about the tren that sucks the sugar out of my blood or at least that is how it feels.

Try the small amounts of sugar dispersed threw the day and see if that helps. For me it’s like I crave it like salt almost. It only happens on tren for me.

How far into the cycle are you? I felt like that on week 2 of my tren ace cycle, I was using around 350/400mg per week and felt like absolute dogshit for a week or two, nearly quit multiple times. Had some blood tests all came back fine besides liver enzymes were slightly high which can be expected. Had my blood glucose checked, diabetes check, red blood cell count, ect… nothing appeared wrong but i was nearly passing out every morning. It completely subsided on its it’s own though and now on week 7 or 8 and have been on 700mg for the last couple of weeks with absolutely no problem whatsoever besides insomnia, no AI or caber used and no changes in diet or anything. Recomp results and strength are amazing at this dose, rapid fat loss with no movment on the scale. Just got to power though it as your body adapts to it I guess, the results will be worth it in the end, in a week or two I hope you’ll be feeling better and able to enjoy the cycle

It’s only when doing cardio,

If I don’t touch cardio I’m good. Weight has stayed solid at 80kg thought out. Really want to cut down some bf. I’d say I’m around 10% currently. Maybe might try 120g carbs, 60g fat and 180g protein?