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Tren and Caber? Cycle Advice

I was supposed to only run a low test e dosage at 375 mg a week.

I got sent 20 ml tren E 200 mg from my friend as he wont use the tren, as its hard to get caber here en denmark.
all dealers we know havent had it for almost 1,5 years.

I have already started my test e only but now i got this tren and was thinking running 200 mg ew for 10 weeks

But is it a bad idea to run without having caber on hand?

I have 2 tren cycles under the belt
1 at 400 mg tren e for 10 weeks
Had caber on hand never used it.

8 weeks tren a 75 mg eod
Had caber on hand used it for 2 weeks just to try out the amazing libido benefits you can get.

Then i gave the rest away to my friend as he couldnt buy it at any places.

I know i have tried tren 2 times without the need of caber but now im abit scared if it is a good idea to start without have it on hand.

So how often does people really need caber?

Will it be beneficial at 200 mg ew?

I dont expect to be hulk at 375 mg test and 200 mg tren but i know even 200 mg tren can make the big difference In appearance

I’ve never used caber. I don’t believe it’s necessary. Others will disagree

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