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Tren/Anavar Cut Cycle

Hey guys, im bout to finish my cycle. And im thinking of doing a cut cycle or something similar.

Im 6’2, 103kg and about 15% bf.

Im going to do a tren cycle for sure, but i have my PCT 14 days after my cycle ends. Should i skip the PCT and cruise on test while cutting, and then hop on tren/anavar.

Any advice/tips are more than welcome!

Thank you!

Tren and anavar without any aromatisable compounds?


More info please… what was your cycle? How much (mg) each drug? How long? Have ever used tren before, anavar, etc… how much (mg) do you pretend to use? How long? What about protection (Carber, AI, etc…)… more info please…

My cycle was dbol 40mg ed 4weeks, test e 500mg 12 weeks, adex and hcg. pct, nolva n clo.

Never used tren/anavar, ye im using adex/let