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Tren, Anadrol, T-Enth Cycle


Hey everyone.
I have just put together my first cycle.
After doing much research I have come to this conclusion. I know it bothers people when people try to get help on their cycles. Normally those people are under educated. I feel that I have done significant research and I just need someone to say that yes this cycle is good or no it isn't (with reason).
So without further ado, here is the cycle plan that I have come up with:

W 1-10 T-enth250 - 250mg Every 3 Days
W 1-12 Tren 200 - 75mg Every Other Day
W 1-6 Anadrol 100mg/day

W13 Novla 20mg 2x/day
W 14-16 Nolva 20 mg/day

Note I also will have Nolva on hand at all times just incase:)


Weight : 175lbs
Height : 5 foot 8
Cycle History : I've used prohormones before but thats it

Please let me know if I have done a good job at putting this together. If not, some help would be greatly appreciated as this is my first cycle, I am still learning!

Thanks for your time everyone!


Tren acetate or enanthate?

Look into an AI to use during the cycle for estrogen control


wouldn't that not be enough of a pct??? usually i see 40-40-20-20.


There is literature out there that says that 20mg of nolva stimulates the testes (my terminology may be off, but I hope you get the point) as effectively as 40mg does. The jury may still be out on that one though. You are right though, the common procedure is 40/40/20/20.


Hey Bonez217,
Thanks for the post.
It is Tren enanthate, sorry that I didnt add that.
And as for estrogen control, would it be good to use 6-oxo or do you have any other preferences that you found worked well?


So you feel that I should do 40/40/20/20? I



Yea I figured it was enanthate because of the concentration, but the dosing schedule you've laid out threw me off. It would be logical to shoot them on the same days, for the sake of simplicity, but you'll have to play around with the dosage to get the same weekly amount. 75mg EOD comes out to around 260mg per week. 100mg/E3D is around 250/wk or so... I don't know that's up to you. It's not a big deal but it would save you pins and would require a simpler site rotation.

I've never used tren before or anadrol for that matter. I do know that anadrol can get tricky when trying to prevent gyno.

I'd like to say properly dosed arimidex would be enough, but I'm not 100%. Letrozole is the other option. Let others share their opinions before making any decisions.

And about your PCT question. I have always followed the tradition 40/40/20/20 routine with sucess. That was following Test only or Test/dbol cycles though. There is always the stasis/taper option that may be useful to look into due to the suppressive nature of 19-nor's like tren.

And BTW this seems like a pretty intense cycle for a first timer. Any reason you decided against Test only?


This seems like a lot for a your first cycle. Why did you choose enthanate if you have never used tren before? Why did you choose the nolva pct vs the test taper?
why not shoot the Tren E the same time as the test E?

5'8 175? What is your BF? how old are you?


thanks mr. BoneZ


Hey Thanks a lot for the comment.
Are you thinking for my first cycle I should just stick to one thing? If so, what would you say I should start with?
Like I said, I'm still learning so your input its greatly appreciated!
As for my bf, I am 8% bf and I am 23.


Read the cycle planning thread. It gives reasons


Anadrol and Tren are both very powerful hormones.

Both cause gyno not related to aromatization so if taken with Test make SURE you keep E down.

Letro might not be a bad call since it is rumored to have anti-prog properties I believe.

Brook has used it with success in his cycles.

Tren does cause some uncomfortable sides in some so running the Enanthate Ester might not be a wise choice as you don't know how your body is going to react to it.

Imo this cycle and drug choice seems like one for a more advanced AAS user. Some disagree but thats my personal opinion.

I see nothing wrong with 500mg/week test for 10-12 weeks, if you saw fit you can throw in an oral such as Anadrol (I'd mix with winny as there is a synergy between the two) or just Dbol.

My next bulker will be Test/Dbol with test in higher dosages.

Your call, but I do believe you need to do plenty more research before tackling those 3 drugs just for sides prevention sake.

The stickies at on this forum are great. Give those a read and then search a bit.




Thanks a lot to everyone for the great advice!
Everyones advice has been taken into consideration and I have put together something a little different.


Tren is a harsh drug for some, but you are using very sane amounts, unlike those who use 500mg+ a week and get horrible sides.

I think it was Bill Roberts who said Tren & Anadrol complement each other very well, and you dont get gyno unless you add things like Test into the mix... Yet the common theme on this board is to have Test as a base to all cycles.

So, if you're confused, you're not alone! Use of an AI is a very wise advice.


I have never understood why so many people, specifically "newbies", view Testosterone as an inadequate drug when used by itself. Testosterone is nothing short of amazing!

If one has tried Testosterone previously and found the side effects bothersome, then I could understand wanting to include other/alternative hormones that one may not find as troublesome. But the fact remains...you have no experience with any AAS.

Though in these times of aromatase inhibitors that assist in estrogen control and drugs such as Dutasteride that help to combat DHT induces sides, I find it hard to believe that anyone would exclude Testosterone from their cycle.

Testosterone is for all intents and purposes THE AAS! Besides, it's cheap and hardly ever faked.


Well, elaborating on you pro hormone experience might help us on judging this "first cycle." Since technically PHs are just steroids with another molecule tacked on to make them legal.

I say this because this is a pretty intense cycle. It's basically ALL of the most powerful androgens there are. Each one loaded with sides.

Anadrol- sick feeling, tiredness
Test- (none for me but) everyone knows
Tren- cough, night sweats, severe aggression, acne

It is well thought out and planned and I'm necessarily saying don't do it, but only if your recepters are shot from PHs.

Your probably going to do it "as is" and that's cool especially because I kinda want to see the log from it. This should make you explode.


Wow! Future2501, that is such a horrible post!

"Since technically PHs are just steroids with another molecule tacked on to make them legal."

Really? You shouldn't get so "technical" with the members of this forum, you might lose us in all that fancy technical talk.

"It's basically ALL of the most powerful androgens there are."

What does this even mean?

"...but only if your recepters are shot from PHs."

Oh my...whats this all about Mr. Technical, care to elaborate?

You really think you are qualified to give cycle advise? In this thread you claim to have only used Testosterone for a short number of weeks.


Going through your post history, you sure seem to give a lot of unqualified advise. Were you just born an expert?





DG put it well for the guy. I'll say, it's hard to believe he was actually planning on running all of those with no AI's mentioned, or any other specific compound to negate the tren sides related to gyno, such as caber or at least B6 for christ sake...

I hope he's listening