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Whats up Jabronies,

So I have some Tren nectar en route. Never ran Tren before so I went with ace. I had a few questions for experienced tren users. First I am running it with test cyp at a trt dose probably 300 mgs. 300 mgs of test e a week kept my test at around 1000-1100 ng/dl. So at the very high end of normal physiological range. I am assuming test cyp at 300 mg a week will do the same. Tren I was going to run 150-200 mgs a week. Now I know many will scoff at such a light cycle and think its a waste. TRT test has allowed me to continue getting stronger with no negative sides. Maybe not as fast as 600-1000 mgs might but its a marathon for me here.

When I was running trt test e I did 1 pin every 7-10 days. I ran out of test e and switched to sust 350 and pin once every 7-10 days as well .85 ml for 300 mgs.

What is the opinion on pinning the cyp once every 7-10 days vs twice a week. Also many people pin tren ace every day anyone ever do it three times week?

Also another huge question. Anyone here struggle with anxiety in there day to day life perhaps periods of there life they deal with moderate to severe anxiety and have run tren as well. I have had bouts of rather severe anxiety in my past. On AAS and off. Test does not cause anxiety unless I let my e2 get out of control and don’t run an AI when running above trt doses. But there is no shortage of people running tren and writing in a forum about there anxiety. Has anyone had tren induced anxiety how bad was it? How did you cope with it?

Thanks for reading my short story.


You should be pinning twice a week. Just pick the days. I pin on weds and sundays. I also take my AI on those days. Tren Ace has a shorter half life than Tren Eth. requires pinning EOD or ED depending on various opinions.

You should see a difference at 300mg of Test/week and 200mg of Tren/week.


you need a better supplier.


bro 300mg will throw you way out of normal range… your gear is under dosed


May not be the case. Depends on what day he got bloodtest. He is only pinning once a.week. I personally never had any issues pinning test e or cyp once a week. Other guys have issues pinning long ester twice a week. I know guys pinning test cyp subq ed because its only way they feel normal. So its whatever works for you. 7 days is probably longest i would go between injects. There will me more swing in test and etro levels but most wont even notice.


I was at 990~ on the 7th day after pinning my 125mg test e + 25mg test p TRT single pin dose.

I’d have to agree that something is wrong…


I guess that could be possible depending on how he metabolizes gear but I’d say it’s unlikely… Once the C ester has built up he’d be throwing 300 on top at the start of the week so even if measured on a trough day chances are he’d be over 1100.

You might be right - but it’s hard for me not to not be cynical about under-dosed gear in our current environment = )

Interesting point about the subq injects, I’m dead certain I feel them kick in (as well as leave the body) much quicker than IM - which contradicts the theories I’ve read



yeah that sounds about right = ) we can pretty much discount the Prop to zero if measured on a trough. It sounds like he might be actually getting 150mg - but who knows for sure

Under dosed gear sucks, and everybody I’ve spoken to has experienced it. I thought I was doing the right thing by going to a brick and mortar TRT clinic and ended up with garbage. I paid for chem analysis and it was dosed at 25% and wasn’t even the right ester. I just use Vet grade gear for TRT these days


Well Flip. My supplier was someone we both know. Not gonna name names. But yeah its probably not dosed right. I had blood work done it may have been an off day but I don’t care as long as I figure out how to adjust once I pin and get blood work I am good. The sust is dragon pharma which I hate and never am using sust again. No blood work with the sust but I suspect it raised my levels more because of sensitive nips. I reduced the dose from there. Maybe I will take to half and ml a week then.

Edit: Can someone explain to me how to quote multiple people in one response so I don’t have to do so many replies. Excuse my ignorance Gents.


Bro I don’t know about Waaay outta normal range. Its not pre anabolic steroid control act of 1990. Kinda hard to find legit gear these days. Not impossible.

@Chalk yeah man. I suspect its under dosed. Like I said earlier. Its ok as long as you adjust once you figure out its under dosed.


have you had chemical analysis done on your gear, or is it from a pharmacy?


Oh no chemical analysis. Purely anectdotal.


It’s unlikely someone taking 300 for a while would measure 1100… I did say it was possible, but most guys would infact be way out of range on that dose. I had chem analysis done on a batch and 120 throws me over 1100 despite the fact I metabolize gear quickly (have to use prop ED) and am on the tallish side.

If you read the TRT stickies KSman talks about what 100 tru mg will do for most people = )



Wait so you are saying after a while of taking 300 mgs it would not be surprising if 300 mg kept you on high end and not take you to supra physiological levels.

120 throws you over 1100. Wow I guess my response to gear is below average. I was actually talking to my father the other day about how much effort I put into the gym and still don’t really look the way you would expect. His response was. “its not like your on steroids” ohhhhh the pain but I am but I am :sob:

KSman knows his stuff. I will check it out.


Here is a link to a great study. Couldn’t find KSmans sticky but in this study they give various doses of test to subjects and examine results of blood levels at various times. If you look at first chart 300 mg a week brought them 1345 ±139.



A little over a year ago, I was running 250mg cypionate from an UGL. My blood work had me right at 894 TT (350-1200). I figure it’s a little under dosed as I’m seeing people on TRT with 100mg or less hitting 800+ on TT.

I just started real TRT at 100mg a week of cypionate and I’ll get blood work in a month to see how it’s going. I’m hoping it’s better than the UGL and I get 800+ TT from it.


Wouldn’t count on it, depending on how long post injection the blood test is. I’m on 140mg per week of test cyp and after seven days I’m about 650.


Ahhh, we’ll see. I plan to get labs day of (and before) my next injection (of the 4th week, going into my 5th). So 7 days out as well. Maybe that was with them injecting eod or so. I plan, for now, to inject once a week.


Lmao, thats funny shit man! But you can take all the gear in the world and still not be a.mass monster. We all know that diet and training is a big part of it. Genetics to some extent too. It took me some time to get enough food in me to start growing on AAS. IDK if thats you issue or not but may be something to look at and evaluate again.


@mwhities Well 894 isn’t that bad. And yeah I believe all UGL gear is probably under dosed. It may not be intentional. Since these UGL don’t have quality assurance groups like legit Pharmaceutical companies do their ingredients might not be of the highest quality and that could be impacting drug efficacy.

@kluso Don’t exactly know which of my posts your responding to. But I am aware gear is but a small part of equation. I disagree in that I think genetics is the most important factor then diet and then training. I am no slouch. 5’9 205-210 lb mean and relatively lean haha. I created this thread mainly because I am about to jump on tren and have previously dealt with anxiety issues unrelated to any sort of drug use and was curious to see if anyone predisposed to anxiety has taken tren and how they have reacted to it. Never really got a response to that though.