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Tren AI Dosage?

HI all!

Been off the boards for awhile…
Currently on a cycle of 500mg/wk Test E for 10weeks, at week 6 now i believe, has been going great! Lost a lot of body-fat so far(back to 13% i estimate), gained a couple kgs in muscle mass certainly.
Let myself go for the previous months with low motivation/direction in life… but body and mind are back on track I can happily say.

I’m running Tren Ace along with the Test now, and I’m wondering how it will affect my AI dosage.
Just started running the Tren A 60mg EOD, will 0.5 Adex EOD be efficient in your experiences?

-I’m using the Tren to aid my dieting for a tropical vacation in 3 weeks time, I plan on bumping the Tren to 100mg EOD after i assess my first week.

Thanks in advance guys !

Tren doesn’t aromatise so no need to alter your AI dosing

what about prolactin/progesterone levels, will 100mg EOD for 3 weeks give rise to any issues?

Hard to say - lots of people would go without running caber at that dose.

As you are only using tren for 3 weeks i probably wouldn’t take caber

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Well, an AI won’t do anything for those at all. But again I don’t think for a couple weeks its an issue in any case. Caber isn’t required (cue Bill Roberts and a million old thread arguments). Of course if you like caber then you like it and fair play you.

i am 5 weeks into my tren cycle…over 450mg per week and i am not using prami, caber, only AI and thats mostly to keep bloat off from my dbol, no issues.

that is a small tren dose , prami or caber is not really needed but always good to have just incase, might never know how body might react

Never used caber with this dose of tren… even 120mg EOD, I’ve never needed to use caber… as pex86 just said, Tren doesn’t aromatise, so, you don’t need to worry about the AI dose. You should pay attention to prolactin… tren is awesome drug.

most people seem to use caber when pinning tren EOD because of blood fluctuations i had a friend who could not get a hard on for his wife because he was pinning 75 mg eod… but once he switch to 50 ed… blood was stabalized and he was able to maintain an erection, not everyone is the same however i have ran tren at 100mg eod as well and have not experienced any problems

60mg of tren ace is too low. I would at least do 100mg EOD.
No need for estrogen blocker
I dunno if it’s your first time with tren but the higher the dose the higher chance of the bad side effects. I use 150mg eod and I love it.

You don’t need to worry about AI when using tren. Keep it because of your testosterone use. Prolactin may be increased or not, hard to say. I’ve used tren (100mg EOD) for a whole year and never had problem with prolactin, always controled. I don’t use tren for about 2/3 years, but if I’d use it, I’d have some carber on hand, you never no, and do some bloodwork, the only way you can be sure.