Tren Aggression Is No Joke

2 weeks into running Tren Ace at 50 mg ed and holy shit, I’m not usually a very violent or angry person but the amount of times I’ve played scenarios in my head of me brutally beating the f*** out of people is a bit shocking. If I was a cage fighter I’d definitely pin it starting at least 5 days before the fight. Gives me super man aggression in the gym aswell. But yeah anyways, be careful with Tren lol, makes it easy to end up in prison. Fun but scary stuff

Only had this issue when Test was higher or equal to Tren. Low Test High Tren, never had this issue. Also, being involved in some sort of MMA now, Tren is the last thing I would want to be on in regards to cardio lol. I’d be gassed out touching gloves at the beginning of the fight.


So…What’s the plan now? Keep going, cut back or stop entirely? Pro bodybuilders of the early 90’s only took around 150mg/wk,( 2x 75mg ampules).

I don’t get cardio issues until I’m like 6-8 weeks into a Tren cycle, I think if it was pinned a week in advance an mma athlete would be fine. Especially since they have world class endurance

I’m able to keep it under control so I’m keeping the dose as is for now. I can recognize when i start to get angry and then take a step back and keep it under control.

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I think the estrogen from test is very important when running Tren due to the neurotoxicity of Tren and the way estrogen combats that

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I do indeed brother!