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Tren Acetate & Test Prop for Third Cycle


This is my 3rd cycle of test and my first of tren. gonna stack em together cuz i herd you get insane results. jw how many ml's i should take at a time of tren and how often? done some research but still cant decide what's best. thanks.


mls depends on concentration. You need to reference dosage in terms of mgs.

50mg of each ED would be okay. Or 75mg prop and 50mg TA ED would be good as well.

Have you considered ancillaries and PCT?


Found this cycle on alin's site, might be what your looking for. Looks like a sick 8 cutter:

WEEKS 1- 6: Winstrol 50mg Every Other Day
WEEKS 1- 6: Trenbolone 75mg Every Other Day
WEEKS 1- 6: Cytomel(T3)50-75mcg Every Day
WEEKS 1- 8: Testosterone Propionate 50mg Every Other Day

WEEKS 1- 8: Pregnyl ( HCG) 300-500iu Every 4-5 days
WEEKS 1-10: Clenbuterol 80-100mcg 14 days ON, 14 days OFF
WEEKS 1-10: Anastozol 0.25mg Every day


WEEK 9: 40mg Nolva/100mg Clomid Every Day
WEEK 10: 30mg Nolva/ 50mg Clomid Every Day
WEEK 11: 20mg Nolva/ 50mg Clomid Every Day