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Tren Acetate and Test Prop Cycle Help

Hi, Ive been traing on and of for about 15, due to shoulder injury I lost my motivation for gym for about 4 years put some weight on and after getting cortisone injections in both shoulders I have regained my apetite for training again.
I have now been back at gym for about 4 months feeling good.
Im ready to start a cycle of test prop 100 and tren acetate 100
I have 2 x 10ml bottles of test prop and 4 x 10ml bottles of tren acetate 100.

I’m naturally a big framed guy. Before my injury I was 110kg lean and it’s easy for me to put on size but difficult to lean up.

My stats.
Im 120kg …down 10 kg from 4 months ago
Im 45yrs old
6 2

I have attempted cycles before with stanazol and tren but never completed a cycle circumstances made it difficult to continue.

Im 100% committed to doing a cycle this time.

Can I get some advice on how to break down the dose for how long 8 or 12 weeks and do you guys have any your thoughts on using the two compounds mentioned if they expired 2 years ago. I bought these a while ago and have been stored correctly.

Your input would be greatly aporeciated.


No you’re not.

This is one reason why you’re not ready.

These are three other reasons why you’re not ready.

What are your goals? If it’s strength, and you’re already pushing big weights, then maybe. However, only four months of training is too little to start a cycle in my opinion.

If it’s aesthetics, you’re probably too fat to get the benefit of a cycle. There are many other things you can do before cycling.

The fact that you don’t know how to dose, and are asking for advice, indicates that you need to do more research.

The fact that you want to include tren in a first cycle indicates you need to do more research.

Also, do you have a plan for PCT? An AI? Do you understand that you will need to inject everyday with Tren A and Test P?

Have you gotten blood work done before commencing AAS.

My humble advice is keep training, recomp or lose weight, get bloodwork, do more research on your own, then come back in a year or so and get advice.

Good luck.

Tren is hardcore shit… Not 1st cycle stuff… ^ above is correct …Eat sleep train until your at about 15-18% bf and you understand the basics of lifting and diet… Then your ready for a test only cycle… Tren is more for once youve got at least 3-4 good cycles under your belt…

The sides from Tren are extreme… If u fuck it up u can do some real damage… There are tons of threads with Tren victims with limp dicks bitch tits insomnia rage ect… IMO its the mother of all juice and should not be taken lightly

Check this story out

Guy who did tren on 1st cycle, got unlucky I
guess… well the really unlucky ones would be the ones why try tren and have a heart attack… that’s pretty much game over for PED use haha.

EDIT: whoops originally gave a defunct link