Tren Ace vs Tren Mix

Hi, i want to use tren and test e during my next cycle. The test will be 250mg/week and still need to decide the tren dosage (i used tren enanthate once before).
What would be the difference between tren ace 100mg eod vs a mix of tren ace, enanthate and hex 100mg eod (33.3mg of each)?
I tried test prop once and it hurt really bad but i can’t find any info on internet about how tren ace feels. I heard that if it’s warmed a bit the injection will only burn but it’s not painful. Can someone tell me from experience?
Thank you!

I pinned a tren a/test p/mast p mix ED for 2 weeks and it sucked balls. If you’re sensitive to pinning, then anything ED will probably be awful.

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Daily shots almost always suck. Perhaps if you’re pinning something smooth with a slin pin like 10mg test/day (long estered, a practice I don’t believe in) it wouldn’t suck so hard

But tren ace… not a chance (I haven’t personally used it and never will though)

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Ok the difference between the tren ace vs the blend is, you will get more raw mg of tren out of the ace and it will release at a more intense level. Basically you will have more mgs and more of those mgs will release in a much shorter time frame. Depending on goals that release could be very advantageous for you.

Although I have only ever used tren e I have used short and long estered test. I usually run test enanthate for my blasts. A while back I decided to just try switching over from my high cycle dose of test e to about half the total dose but with test propionate. I pinned it everyday at 1/2 a ml or 50mgs. I didn’t have any PIP at all but I actually gained mass even though I was using half of the test e dose. That quicker release and surge with the test prop was the reason I was able to gain even though I was taking less. I pinned about two hours before the gym.

That tren ace can have pip but really I think some guys are just more sensitive to getting it. Also keep in mind if you were to pin it every day at 50mgs that should only be 1/2 a ml which should help with not having pip. I would recommend using slin pins if your skin is thin enough.

Something to keep in mind. Tren is one of the more costly hormones but tren hex is RIDICULOUSLY expensive vs ace or enanthate, really compared to anything else it is expensive. That hex ester has some ridiculous half life like 15 days or something. I personally believe that those tri tren blends only have ace and enanthate in them. If they have any hex it is a tiny amount. Keep in mind that in 100mgs of ace you have the most raw tren, then comes enanthate and lastly the hex has the least amount. So having enanthate and hex in those blends just means that it takes a much longer period of time for the levels of free hormone in the blood to come up and stabilize. Now you also have ace in the blend so it releases real quick but it’s such a small amount it isn’t going to produce results until the enanthate and hex are saturated enough to support the small quick release of the ace in the blend. In conclusion if you use the blend then you need to run it at least 12 weeks otherwise you won’t have high enough levels for a long enough time to really be worth the risk in my opinion.

I did notice you did not say how long you will be running this cycle, I assume at least 10 weeks because I get the impression you are using test enanthate.

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I’ve pinned tren for the last month everydsy. No pip. No pain. In legs everydsy switching from side to side

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If that works then good. If you find the injection sites are becoming too painful to work with, delts and glutes are also good to work with

Thank you for the replies. I have 1 more question. If the muscle gets swollen for any reason or it hurts when touching it is it safe to pin there?

Do you inject it fast or slow? Is there any difference?

How old are you? You’re username is “youth”

Regardless, If you’ve recently pinned say… right deltoid and it’s swollen to the touch, switch injection sites

Speed of injection doesn’t matter that much, acutely, the faster you shoot the more it’ll burn (esp with test prop, TNE etc)

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I’ve also done that… pinned a muscle that was still a bit swollen and tender from the last injection and that was also awful lol.

You “can” pin in a swollen soar muscle, provided it is not swollen due to infection or abscess. You can also drink your oil dissolved hormone meant for intramuscular injection and you could in theory actually have a small increase in blood levels but it is not recommended nor is it efficient.

Your pip could be from a number of different things. One your muscle is just new to this and rather sensitive, sorry but if this is the case then there is no real way around it. Two you have crappy gear, only know this if you consistently get PIP from this brand but not a different one. Three you could be using gear with ethyl oleate in it, some guys are just sensitive to it and speaking from experience I get swollen soar tender injection sites when my gear has EO in it. Try emailing the UGL and asking them. Be polite and explain that you seem to be having this issue with their X product and after researching you found out that some places use EO for that product so you were curious. Most UGLs want to be known as a quality product so they can have lots or repeat and referral business so they should be straight with you about the contents. Actually if you are having the pip only with the tren but not the test e and the test e is 250 then there is a chance the test 250 might not have benzyl benzoate in it and the tren does. Or the tren has higher levels. Not many guys react to BB and that’s why the big pharma uses it in their recipes but UGLs might use higher concentrations.

The other thing that could be causing or making the PIP worse is the batch was not properly heated when brewed. Get a needle not a syringe just the needle and poke it through the septum so the end of the needle is centered in the air space inside the vial. Then put the vial in the oven and bake at 250f for about 45 minutes. That should get it more than hot enough to melt almost all common hormones but you can look up melting points to double check. Remember most posted melting points are in Celsius. The plastic base on the needle should be good up to 300 degrees. You can always get a long needle and cut off the plastic base if you are worried that it might melt.

If you have a swollen tender injection site then rotate sites. You can reasonably use both glutes, shoulders, lats, traps, and if you are lucky your quads so that is 8-10 sites. The only site I would go over 1ml at a time is glutes and possibly quads. Everything else is a 1ml at a time site. With 8 sites you can probably work it where only one site is used every other week. So there is no reason for you to inject into a swollen muscle.

Like unreal24278 pointed out, and I caught this late myself so I am slipping, how old are you “youth”? Also how many cycles have you run? Tren is not something you should mess with until you have tried EVERYTHING else and have a handle on how to manage the different aspects of this world. Please tell me this isn’t your second or third cycle.


Thank you for the advice. It was just a question so i know what to do if it happens.
I am 28 yo. I use that username because my very first gym trainer who was 64 years old was screaming “YOUTH” after every set.

Thank you for the reply and taking time to write so much. I was just asking so i know what to do in case it happens. I used tren e from the same lab and got no problems but never tried ace.