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Tren Ace vs. Tren E Detection Times


Guys I am having trouble finding a clear cut answer on this..I understand tren acetate has a shorter half-life compared to the enanthate ester, but in terms of drug clearance, I seem to find many web sources showing that acetate metabolites take 4-6 months to clear the blood while enanthate is about 3 months. Is there a reason that acetate may take longer to clear despite shorter half-life?

Does anyone have any experience with these compounds in a tested environment?

Thanks in advance gentlemen.


Compete in a sport that doesn't test. Then you won't have to worry about getting caught cheating.


What is your sport?


Who said he was asking about a sport Flip? Why bother to post unless you are going to answer his question?

I just dont get all the negativity around here but w/e.

Big6 - To my understanding the half life of ace is 2 days but detection is up to 5 months. Enth is even longer. I do not know exactly why this is unless it is because tren is a 19-nor steriod.

Tren/Test is my favorite combo hands down.



Because cheating in sports bothers the fuck out of me, and since this is an open forum, I'm interested in putting my opinion on the subject out there. I couldn't give less of a fuck about steroid use in non-tested competition, or for recreational purposes. I'm all for discussions about proper drug protocols, safety, favorite drug combos, etc. I don't like it when one man feels entitled to an edge over his opponent through the use of banned substances.

Enlighten me though. What reason would he be tested for steroids, if he's not competing against others who are supposed to be clean?


The only thing I can think of would be a LEO. Many of them are tested for steroids.


And military


GG- Thanks for the reply, you might be right about the 19-nor part..but I am not sure at all.

flip- FWIW, I have used tren ace in the past and after being taken in by a local coach, I plan to compete in both powerlifting and olympic lifting. I am hoping my past use will not show up. But to be honest, I am not sure what the competitive environment is like yet, but I would not be surprised if a majority of the top lifters use aas. Anyways, thanks for the reply.


Good. you shouldn't be then. Olympians lie just like the rest of them.


But then how do they live with themselves??????


Remember, its not a lie if you believe it. Lol