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Tren Ace Twice a Week?

Can you get results from tren ace twice a week? I know it’s normally Ed or eod. I’m not taking it just wondering could you use it twice a week and still have gains?

You could but some people report greater side effects with less frequent dosing. Doesn’t mean you will but enough people have experienced this to lend it some merit. I probably wouldn’t advise anything less than Monday-Wednesday-Friday with tren ace. Or go with tren e, if that’s an option.

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It’s important to keep your blood levels steady… Especially with that compound tren A… If you’re planning to do it twice a week then I suggest you take tren E

Yes, though the hormonal fluctuations would be significant as you’re pumping through like 3-4 half lives prior to each shot.

I’ve taken testosterone this way, it works… Though it isn’t optimal

My two cents… if you’re gonna mess with big boy drugs like Tren Ace then pin it correctly or move to another compound or ester.