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Tren Ace Thoughts

Hi Guys Iv’e been using
500 mg a week of test cyp twice a week
50mg of tren ace EOD

I’ve noticed on the days I pin the tren that i can smash it at the gym and the off days there just ok and I feel pretty sore. I’m wondering if I should pin 50mg everyday or switch to Tren E(I’ve used it before) to help keep the tren consistent in my system. As well as increase my Test intake?

I don’t believe it should
Make much of a difference, is your diet/sleep the same everyday? I would say those two would affect your training more than anything.

yes both diet (3700 cal a day) and sleep 6-7 hrs are good and the same.
like I said pin days i feel like a machine the off days i feel normal not much pump

6-7 hours of sleep? i sleep 9-10 hours

If you are familiar with the placebo effect your situation almost sounds like the inverse. You are conscious of the tren a shot so you think you feel it. I say use the placebo effect to help you. I add in winny at the end of a cycle to “convince” myself that now I have higher levels so I should be able to do more. If you wanted to try it I think pinning 25mgs of tren a everyday would be a possibly beneficial experiment. At the very least you will eliminate the fluctuating levels, although I don’t think they are fluctuating enough right now to hinder anything.

As far as the anabolics end of things goes there is no real reason for you to feel better pumps on days you pin the tren. HOWEVER there is a known side effect of tren and it is more pronounced with tren a, it triggers a release of either dopamine or serotonin or something like that. A lot of guys that use the tren ace end up pinning it everyday and those guys end up increasing the dosage a lot of the time. It literally has a drug like effect on some guys. So be aware.

All that being said try the 25mgs every day and see if you get a more consistent feeling in your workouts. Just don’t start upping the dosage every week.

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Jesus, you sleep almost half the day. The amount of sleep you “scientifically” need is 7 hours for an adult male, but I personally think 5-7 is plenty.

I remember reading an article about Ronnie Coleman sleeping 4 hours on his prep for Olympia.


I realized after a few work outs that I don’t have decreased muscle power I just don’t feel the kick I felt before with prework out I’m very baseline when I work out. I’ll stick to pinning EOD as I can see the results and it’s probably a good thing that I’m not getting to crazy on the Tren train lol. Thanks for you input

that’s all my body has ever wanted I get high quality sleep and fall right asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow so it works for me

Seems like your getting what you need out of Tren without the sides… kudos 2 u
Try splitting the dose 25 Ed & see if you still get gym pump…
I was doing .50 Ed tren but after 2 weeks of no sleep I’m dropping it down & bumping up my test… literally nothing I tried could crush my trensomnia…
But yes bro the gorilla gym effect it gives u is addictive weights feel like feathers & 2-4 hr gym seshs feel like a brisk walk.

i am pinning twice a week on monday and Thursday and still doing good on tren ace. everyday or every other day should be for bodybuilders or people who wanna get professional. everyone on tren here follows twice a week schedule and has crazy pump and huge muscles.

This is completely wrong. Tren ace should NEVER be pinned twice a week. Iv never seen someone here that would suggest pinning twice a week and just because you are doesn’t mean you should suggest it to others. The ace ester should be pinned ED for best results but at the very least every other day. It has nothing to do with being a body builder it has to do with science and common sense on how long the drug stays in your system.


well, thanks i will try eod and see

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Im glad everyone has huge muscles… FYI tho tren is super strong a little goes a long way… Reason guys pin Ace daily is so the spikes arent so huge… AKA same good stuff less shitty tren sides as its more stable