Tren Ace Test Prop. M/W/F

This may sound dumb to most of you cuz from what I’ve read on these forums most people are against this but I’d like to get some opinions on this… I have started my very first cycle ever with tren ace and test prop. I’m a week into it and have been doing a half cc of each on m/w/f I have a 10 ml bottle of test prop 100mg/ml and a 10ml bottle of tren ace 75mg/ml. I know I kind of jumped the gun in starting this cycle after reading other peoples forums with similar questions. But I’m already here so I’d like to know if this will work for me.

What I mean by doing a half cc is that I’m taking a half cc of both in terms of how much fluid I’ve drawn from the vial… Any corrections would help but I will want to stuck with the mwf pinning schedule. Keep in mind I only have these two 10 ml bottles. Second question is what type of pct should I get, how much, and what type of dosing schedule should I use. Please keep in mind I’m a newbie and need it broken down in simplest terms. Thank you all for the help.

I hope that that is simple enough.