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Tren Ace/Test Prop Gyno Combat


Hi guys,

I am on 70mg Tren Ace and 30mg Test Prop ED. I have been on it for 2 weeks now. The last 2-3 days I have had itchy/puffy and very sensitive nipples which I know is not gyno, but estrogen activity in the breast area (thanks BONEZ) I have used Prop in the past at 500mgs a week, no gyno. I have used Test E, 600mgs a week, no gyno. It is very uncomfortable and i wont to kill it before it may escalate to something more serious.

Now, google has left me bloody confused. There are 2 apparent schools of thought here. The first is, that Nolva will make the gyno worse and that I should use something like Bromo and add vitamin B6 to counter the gyno. The second is that, Nolva is fine because it works on breast tissue and will therefore work no matter what. Also, there is the issue of winny, some people say, winny will counter the gyno. So it this Test related (bearing in mind that i've used Test in the past, no dramas), Proggy related etc etc. I am 100% functional sexually, if that helps.

So what do I do guys. Should I hit the Nolva at 40-60mgs a day, or should I wait it out? Should i perhaps lower Tren Ace dose? Should i add vitamin B6? Should I add winny? I have Nolva and Winny on hand.

Sorry about n00b type questions boys, this is my 3rd cycle and I've never had to really deal with gyno before and the more i research, the more confused I get with all the conflicting information.

Thanks in advance.



I'd definitely lower the tren dose for now as that seems to be what's causing it.

That said, if you want to up the dose in the future, I'd recommend you doing some research on caber, bromo, dostinex, etc.

You say that you just have sensitivity right now but no gyno so why the nolva remedy? Just lower the tren dose for now, get your hands on one of the aforementioned drugs, then raise it again accordingly (or don't) and you'll be fine.

If you do end up getting gyno though or if you're worried you might get some down the road, I've always considered letro to be the best "cure" for it, although I admittedly have absolutely no personal experience on the matter myself....


I did more research. I am going to hit Nolva for now, then taper down when the symptoms stop.

For the guys that stumble across this therad in the future, the best way to treat breast related issues that may be associated with Tren is indeed Nolva, despite all the information you find saying its bad, it may make it worse etc. I've been reading for hours now and have come to this conclusion lol.