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Tren Ace / Test Prop Dosage Help

32 yr old male. 221 lbs. 14% body fat. 15 years training and second cycle.
I’m taking Tren Ace 110mg/ml and Test Prop 150mg/ml.
I have been told to pin EOD at the least but have decided to pin .50ml ED.
Is this a seven day a week Pin or M-F?
When I have been told EOD they told me to only go M/W/F.
ED too me = EVERY DAY 7 days a week but I don’t want to overkill it.
Thanks for the help!

The fact that you are using these drugs and have to ask this is crazy but anyway… choosing to do it everyday as you have is the best way to go.

M/W/F is not going to work very well.

Either do every other day or if possible every day would be better. This includes weekends.

Pex, ive taken Tren E and Test E before. That was done Mon and Thurs. No experience with Ace or Prop. Which is why I am asking questions before taking them.
I guess you were just blessed with full knowledge of gear when you first started. Must be nice.

Sorry thought you had already started…

anyway as i said above your decision to inject ED is the best option

Would you advise .5ml of each everyday? Thanks for the response.

You say this, and then when @pex86 ignores the slight, you have the balls to ask this [quote=“heyyocuzzy, post:5, topic:218589”]
Would you advise .5ml of each everyday?

It would behoove you to google shit and read it first. If you have questions after doing the research, then ask, and be nice to the people that try to help. You catch more flies with honey than you do with shit.

Now, you’ll probably respond with something very nasty to me, so I’ll leave you to it.

55mg tren A and 75mg test p is what you would be running at 0.5ml of each ED?

That seems perfectly reasonable but it really does depend on your cycle history and how aggressive you want to be

I believe vinegar is the term you were looking for

Diction appropriate for the intended audience - rhetoric - see pathos and ethos.

But flies like shit :slight_smile:

True dat. My badness.

Myth I thought I was being attacked, I sometimes jump to conclusions too quickly. I apologize to both of you for the attitude. I respect the help I have been given on T-Nation.



It’s all good. Wish you Well.