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Tren Ace/Test Prop Cycle, Adding Respawn


Guys, 32 yr old 220 fifteen years of training, third cycle, 13% body fat.
I am currently running Tren Ace and Test Prop and I was thinking of adding Respawn two pills a day to the mix. Ive added Respawn to other cycles before with no side effects.

My question is, I only have one bottle of both Tren / Test. If I pin every three days instead of EOD AND take the Respawn can I still get away with some good results? I want to drag out the Tren / Test as long as possible, but I don’t want to waste it. Thanks for your time!


I think it’s hilarious that you would expect anyone to know what Respawn even is. I had to look it up.

I doubt the Respawn will do anything at 2 caps per day. I think you’d need to take at least 4 caps per day for either of the compounds in Respawn to be effective.

Don’t switch to E3D. That’s a bad idea. The dips in hormone levels will be too substantial. You want to keep the ride as even as possible. A shorter cycle run at EOD is a much better idea.


Flip thanks for the response. I have heard people say EOD… does that include the weekends, or is M/W/F an effective enough dose for the Prop and Ace? Again, thanks for the feed back!


on paper, no, but actually lots of people pin prop and ace M/W/F and do just fine