Tren Ace / Test Prop Cutting Cycle

thoughts on my proposed tren ace test prop cycle im about to run, I was going to bulk on this but I have decided I will sit at maintenance calories and include slow steady fasted morning cardio in. have heard people have shredded up very good + added decent muscle by this method.

weeks 1 - 8 tren ace 250mg/week 70mg eod injections
weeks 1 - 8 test prop 175mg/week 50mg eod injections
weeks 8 - 9 test prop i will have 475mg left over of test prop so do you think i should just run it all this week? 475mg split up into eod injections.

arimidex weeks 1 - 9 .25mg eod
hcg: none. my last 3 cycles ive never used hcg… i cant access where i live also… it sucks… i know.

pct: clomid 75/75/50/50
nolva 40/40/20/20

first time using tren. ive used test e and eq, also test prop alone before.

im getting pre bloods done on the 11th of this month also. a lot of different forum sites have told me to get different things tested. what do you guys at T-Nation recommend for pre bloods?