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Tren Ace Test P Cycle - E2 Control/Prolactin Etc


Hey long time lurker on here but this is only my second post. This is my third cycle but first with tren. Currently almost 3 weeks in…getting all the normal sides (night sweats, insomnia, crazy dreams, irritability, little anxiety, increase in body temp. etc). Actually just started getting some my strength up last couple days (which is apparently a little late but not that abnormal). The change/recompisition my body has done in the last 3 weeks is pretty incredible considering the small amount of time. Here’s what I’m currently running:

Tren ace 75 mg ed
Test prop 100 mg eod
hcg 250 iu 2x a week
Aromasin 6.25 mg ed

I have caber on hand just in case any prolactin pops up. So here’s the issue: I’ve definitely lost some fat already but a lot of my muscle gains I’m noticing are not as lean as I thought they’d be. Almost reminds me of when I was on test cyp or dbol (bloaty look).

My diet has been pretty strict and I’ve been doing tons of cardio.

Could it be e2 and I should up the dosage of aromasin? Or should I just throw the caber I have in? Does caber even help with staying lean?


I’m running this exact cycle in a few weeks, except lower dosages, about 210 Test-p p/w and 350 Tren-A. The bloat is from high test and putting in more aro may help but you need to check with bloodwork. How long are you running this for? Ive heard diff stories about the whole prolactin gyno and lactation etc