Tren Ace, Test P, and Dbol Stack

Need some feed back and knowledge to help get the best results from stack
I’m 23 5 11” 170lbs around 13 to 16% body fat I’m skinny but not super lean I don’t have a gut but know I’m not around 10% I have taken a few cycles of tren before I’m a hard gainer but went from 160 when I first started training and taking gear to 210 but had some events in my life that caused me to fall off and ended up losing everything I’ve been back in the gym and ready to get back on it I plan on running my cycle like this

Week 1-12: 400mg test EOD
Week 1-12: 400mg tren a EOD
Week 1-4: 50mg ED
Week 1-12: .25 adex EOD

Week 15-19: PCT nolva 40/40/20/20

Just looking for input on if it’s best to run the tren with Dbol or if I should run the test and Dbol first and then after dbol cycle hop on the tren for better results

I’m not your dad so I won’t lecture you on your age.

If you’re a hard gainer, why not nandrolone? What is your end goal with this cycle? Also, how long have you been back in the gym?

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This seems crazy to me.

You’re 5’11’’ 170 lbs around 13-16% BF. Why run such a heavy cycle?

I was in way better shape and leaner at 39yo before starting TRT and made a ton of progress on just 125 mg/week Test C, and I’m far from elite.

Clearly your training and diet are not on point. You should watch the Moreplatesmoredates video where he talks about not wasting your cycles, and work with a trainer to fix your form and training.

You only have so many cycles you can run before you’ll have to stop if you don’t want to drop dead by 50yo or sooner. Don’t waste them to accomplish something you could accomplish naturally or with only a little bit of Test.

I’m not saying don’t run cycles, I’m saying think about what you’re trying to accomplish and what the tradeoffs are


I am going to assume you mean per week, right? You should not take 1400 mg/wk each of Test and Tren, if you actually are thinking of taking that dose.

Just trying to put on size and get back to 210

And yes 400mg a week

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At 5’11", reaching 200-210 should be fairly easy on test alone. However, it is your body and I don’t care what you put in it, but from a risk mitigation/harm reduction stand points, I would stay away from anything that isn’t test right now. Especially not 19-nors. And I say that as a person that loves 19-nors


I appreciate that have everything already I reacted well with the first tren cycle I did helped me gain and cut a lot of the fat I had I’ve just never tried Dbol have been doing a lot of research on this combo that’s why I’m looking for feedback to see if it’s worth taking or not

If you’re hell bent on running a ton of gear, I would recommend nandrolone over tren for your purpose

So replace the tren with nandrolone and run the same mg?

Yes, you don’t need the oral. That isn’t really necessary because if you can’t gain weight on 400 test/nand, then your training/diet/recovery need far more attention than what you inject into your body.

I hope you’re well read on the long term effects of 19-nors on your body. Just because you are fine in the moment doesn’t mean there isn’t long term damage being done

EDIT: I would like to reiterate that you do not need all of these drugs to get to what you want. You’re causing unnecessary/undue stress on your body with long term neuro and cardio damage. You can absolutely achieve what you want on 400-500 test/wk. It might take a couple of cycles to get there (even with test/nand it will still take more than one cycle) to get to your desired BW

Would it be hard to take this cycle to gain the weight I’m looking for and do the right pct and keep most of the gains and not have to run another cycle
This would be my 4th cycle

You’re aiming to gain 30 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks. That’s a tall task even for the most newbiest of newbs. I think, best case scenario, you could gain back 20 lbs of solid, lean mass, even with the muscle memory you have of holding the weight previously (unless you’re a genetic anomaly). And that is assuming your sleep, hydration, nutrition and recovery are all on point. But based on your first post, I would find it hard to believe you have all of these things “dialed in”. That’s not a dig at you, but your OP seems to be asking how to shortcut back to your previous set point.

Eventually you will realize, like all of us geezers, that muscle building is a marathon, not a sprint.

Also, PCT isn’t really all that conducive to keeping muscle/strength gains. It can be done, but when you don’t feel like a god anymore, it’s easy to lose motivation.

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I understand and yes was looking to try to gain it back quicker so I wouldn’t be spending so much time trying to get back to it work in the oilfield so I’m able to keep my diet on point because my wife will meal prep for me if I’m not able to and then it’s easy to stay on it when I’m stuck on location and don’t have access to anything else but lately I’ve been home every night and im getting back into the gym routine wasn’t going to start the cycle till I had everything back on point but yea when everyone keeps telling wow you look a lot smaller it starts to mess with your head especially since I was like 120 in highschool so when I got up to that size it felt great and then now I’m on the decline so it’s been getting depressing but I was just looking for a way to get 15 20lbs back and then go from there but to try to go natty because I don’t want to be on this I have friends that are addicted to it and don’t ever get off and not really something I’m interested in doing for a long period of time
And like you said it has long term effects I’m hoping that doing it young will leave me with plenty of time to recover

And my profile pic of me was at my biggest and at the time I was on a tren/test cycle running 400mg of each a week

The less compounds you use to build, I think it’ll be easier to keep. Also, if you want to be and stay natty, then just build it natty. If you build it on gear, then come off, you’ll want to go back on as soon as you feel like you’re losing your gains.

Building a good, strong looking body requires LOTS of time to build and LOTS of time to maintain. Just increase your cals, but still eat clean, and you’ll get to where you want to be, albeit slower, but It’ll be much more permanent.

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Thank you for taking the time and knowledge I appreciate it

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Disclaimer - dont read if feelings are easy to hurt or have a vagina.

yea, you can just take 400mg of test and you will be fine… taking ANYTHING over that is plain retarded… i think my GF bulked close to your current weight{also same height) with 10mg of Var… no one at her stats should nuke test, tren and dbol…

what you need is a correct diet, so you stop using idiotic terms like “hard gainer”… hard gainer is a lazy fuck who only wants to do the fun stuff in the gym, and not the really hard stuff - food…
then you need a propper training with progression, because you fell back waaaay too much - with a propper base, no one should be droping to 170lbs after doing tren… when i started training i was 147lbs at 6’2… when i had my heart problems after many years, i came out of the hospital 202lbs completely natty and lost all the gains… there is something that should STICK… you lost so much, it tells me you are lacking base.
and when you get training and food in, you can start doing test at 300-400mgs a week. Nothing more until you can actually explain WHY you need more :slight_smile:


No I need to get my diet on track for sure that’s why I lost a lot and I was also an alcoholic since I’ve been sober I think that’s the big reason I lost a lot I’m eating cleaner now so yea I’m having to eat a lot more vs eating whataburger and subway everyday

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I think getting your diet in check (first find what your maintenance cals are, and then once you know that, begin to increase cals to grow) and running no more than 400-500 test/wk will be a really good bulking cycle for you.