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Tren Ace / Test E Cycle


Please rate my cycle, offer suggestions, advice, critique. I’ll be perfecting this

Week 1-16 Testosterone Enanthate 500-750mg per week

Week 4-12 Trenbolone Acetate 75-100mg EOD (most likely 75)

Week 4-12 Dbol 50mg Daily

Week 2-16 Arimidex (Anastrozole) = .5mg Every Other Day

Week 4-13 Caber = (.25mg every 3 days) (and on hand for more if needed)

PCT = Cruise
Week 16 - X 250mg Test E per week


1.75 mg anastrozole per week will not balance that much testosterone. It is a competitive drug and needs to match up against FT/Bio_T.

In the TRT forum, we find that E2 near E2=22pg/ml seems to be optimal for energy, libido, fat patterns and mood.

1mg anastrozole per week typically works well against 100mg/week testosterone ester.

Lab work would be useful to refine the AI dose.

If you had E2=32pg/ml, you would increase the anastrozole dose by a factor of 32/22.
Note that this method can also direct a reduction in dose.
If you change T dose, change anastrozole by the same factor.
You can stack both calculations.


Thank you, I’ll do lots more research and fine tune. :slight_smile: